Here We Go 2006!

Finally 2006 is about to start for me. There's a lot to look at and the "To Do" list is very long. The NST News online brought me to smile as it reported about a Dr. Elie who pledged a billion ringgit to MAKNA (Malaysia National Cancer Council) in its Jan 8 Report. Then the 9 Jan Report came in and said he could be a con artist. Its too early in the year to get conned Malaysia!

NST 8 Jan reported that"...Dr. Elie wanted to set up a programme to fulfil the last wishes of children who are terminally ill with cancer. Under the scheme, a committee will select one child every month and would try to fulfil the child’s last wish. At a Press conference today, Elie said that he was donating the money to the council so that a cancer research centre and hospital can be built here. He said he was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, and having settled down in Malaysia, now wished to do his part for cancer patients here."I think it is important for us to help cancer patients, especially children. My own daughter died of leukaemia, and now I am suffering from cancer as well. I know what cancer patients have to go through,"

And in NST 9 Jan "...Within 24 hours of announcing the largest donation in Malaysian history — RM1.07 billion for the National Cancer Council (Makna) — a different side of Lebanese businessman Dr Elie Youseef Najm was emerging. Over the past few months, at least five police reports had been lodged against him for offences such as cheating and criminal breach of trust."

He may or may not be genuine. Whatever it is, someone should have been more careful before calling for a press release or publishing that news. If its true and the money is going to come in, we should say thank you. If Dr. Elie is trying to be funny - playing around with the hearts of cancer patients especially kids - giving them false hopes, I would say that it would be better that he apologises - they do not need to be cheated like this. Sad but true - we used to be kids before and we all know how it hurts when someone breaks their promises to us.

Which just sums up the start to my New Year 2006. I am always wary of people and what their intentions are. In my undergraduate days and also in this present line of work that I am in, I have seen too many opportunists, cheats and con artists and I do feel sorry for them. Even your bosses sometimes take advantage of you - how shocking! On some occassions some people just know how to make you look like a clown. When they talk, they can promise you the Universe - though I would prefer Miss Universe on the spot thank you. As long as they know where your limits are and which area of your space they should stay out. Sometimes I entertain them just to see how much dumber they can become. I can give them the satisfaction by dancing to their tunes just because I want to to entertain myself.

But offering false promises to a dying child - it adds fuel to my anger. And its sad really - I do take some time off to visit the cemetery of my late paternal grandparents near Bukit Aup Sibu. Seeing the pictures of young children on the tombstones while being there is a very heartbreaking experience - I counted ten of them when I was there last time - most of them left this world early due to cancer.

So for Dr. Elie who claims that he is suffering from brain cancer - sometimes an act kindness done in sincerity would help him overcome the sickness. I really, really hope you deliver.

NST 8 Jan 2006 Report: GENEROUS BENEFACTOR: Elie (centre) and Farinnie with Mohd Farid at the Press conference yesterday. It was a windfall out of the blue. A donation of RM1.07 billion was offered to the Malaysian National Cancer Council by this Lebanese businessman who says he’s worth US$46 billion. He wants to do his part for cancer patients here. Council officials were elated, surprised... and rendered speechless.

Pradom Ferry

During my return trip from Sibu to Kuching i was surprised that there is another ferry operating in the Pradom area in addition to the Durin ferry and Lanang Ferry. During peak hours the Durin and Lanang Ferry queue can take as long as one and half hours to two hours. But for those who knows the way to Pradom Ferry - its just a mere twenty minutes drive from Sibu Town and costs a RM5 fee. One would have to take a different direction driving past the Igan Bridge and along the Bawang Assan Road, passing the old Airport/Teku road to get there.

Approach to the Igan Bridge Sibu

Pradom Ferry - an alternative to Lanang & Durin Ferry


Unknown said…
If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

I could be wrong, but I think the Lebanese is a con artist.

Happy New Year to you, by the way.
It is unfolding that way Mac.... I am just angry at that guy...but maybe its due to the brain cancer....or does he have cancer at all...if you see the kids at the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society you would also feel sad.....i am still waiting what is the authorities' next course of action.