TraxxFM in Sarawak

Hello Traxx

This weekend Shania and I managed to meet up with the Deejays of our favourite radio station Traxx FM as they make their way through Sarawak and Sabah. They have their own website for this event at The Chronicles of TraxxFM. You can visit their website and Blogsite to catch up with your favourite Deejays.

Shania growing up with Traxx FM Radio Station since 2004 - picture here taken with Green Man, the evergreen Deejay of Trax FM.

Traxx FM Station Team outside tHe Spring on 25th July 2009

Visitors having a try at the game on the Monster Truck outside tHe Spring

Breakfast with the Traxx FM Team at C121 Stutong, Kuching before they leave for Sibu

Navsta meets up with TraxxFM listeners at C121 Stutong Food Court - Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ras and their baby. Maybe another reunion in the near future like Shania :)

At Lachau, Sri Aman: On their way to Sibu I suggested that they either drop by at my area in Sri Aman - be it at Sri Aman where the famous Ikan Bulu Carnival is going on or Lachau which is a famous stopover for tourist. I suppose the name Lachau was a bit unique for them and they stopped there.

Traxx FM Deejays enjoying with the people of Lachau before they proceed with their journey to Sibu. More pictures in their website in the other parts of town.

Shania and me posing with Green Man, Navsta, Mary and Madonna (background). Thanks for the time and fun guys and gals. Shania is trying her best to hide her front teeths which are missing. She is growing up. Enjoy your trip to the rest of Sarawak! Cheers.


Pn Hamidah said…
I wouldn’t know much about others, but I’m just one person who doesn’t listen to radio much nowadays.But after your entry on this one, typical of me that it has somehow started to arouse my interest and curiosity thus starting to tune in to some radio stations this morning expecting to listen to some fine music that could possibly well suit my taste. To begin with TraxxFM isn’t that bad either and still doing further read on it on the relevant websites and blogs. Blogs like yours had always been my choice for informative writings and introduction of something different to some of us. Meaning to say if the purpose of a blog is to educate and inspire you have successfully achieve that objective. Cheers!
cyrildason said…
i used to love traxx, but.. now I listen to Hitz and MIx...

It's like Cats FM. I used to love them.. until.. hmmm