Ben My Buddy

Up Close With Ben

Coupled with a high tide fine weather, I decided to go down to Batang Lupar by boat to meet Ben (short for Benak). Its normal to call friends by their short name after you know them so well. I think after a year in Sri Aman and seeing the Benak or tidal bore I feel we are more like friends now. Usually I ask my staff, what time is Ben coming today and if time permits I will go to the viewing tower and meet up with Ben. Ben came in at about 5:10 p.m yesterday and our boat was just a few metres ahead of it.

Thumbnail of Ben. Click for bigger picture

Video of Ben while we were on the boat....he is loud and likes to make waves for us.


PPS said…
Ben will also have a nice Riverine Park and soon the Observation Station to welcome its arrival...
Pn Hamidah said…
Its rather amusing to refer the tidal bore as another human being hahaha..I would also love to meet your friend Ben one day if I may have the chance to observe and get to know him better.Lets say my upcoming trip or the next after might bring me to stroll down the Riverine Park and hang out in Sri Aman God willing.