Sri Aman Fun Fair

Bringing Fun to Sri Aman

This month Sri Aman gets pretty busy as the activities pick up steam. For those who dropped by from Miri looking for me, I have to apologize for not being able to be with you. Sorry Dennis, Clarice and the Sibu bike team who came into town. My nature of duty is not the normal 8 a.m to 5 p.m. here so you do understand. But well you guys are big guys and gals now so you know your way around and I am glad you had fun :). The Karnival Ikan Bulu, Kembara TV3 in conjunction with its 25th birthday and of course the Fun Fair was an added attraction, mainly due to the famous Iban artises who are performing there. Here are a few pictures of the fun fair which I manage to capture for this blog. I discovered that it brought me back to the time I was a little boy - meaning, nothing much has changed in the setup and games variety. Please note some of the picture effects are intentional.

The entrance to the Fun Fair. Its RM2 per entrance for Adults.

The 'toy fishing' game is pretty good for young kids

Canned drinks game of chance is also another exciting game ~ using the Roullete concept of betting on colours

Thomas had a try at this game where you put the canned tins on the Coloured Square of one's choice

After that the gamemaster at the counter will release the ball of various colours found on the board into a reclining funnel. The ball which goes into the canal will be the winning colour and you will be rewarded with the same number of cans you betted on

Bumper cars never fail to thrill those who ride it

Of course I believe some of the riders look like qualified road bullies ~ they seem to have nothing else better to do but ride the machine from the time the game starts until late at night. I wonder where they get their money bumping other users around in the arena. I was worried at first as there are kids in the other cars and these bullies make it a point to bump their cars into the others real hard (coupled with additional body movements to provide more force).

The spinning Ferris Wheel is a definite must in any fun fair. This used to be quite an attraction during my younger days too.

The speed of the spinning Ferris Wheel is acceptable for the young children - i think. Some rides are quite fast and some are slow. It depends on the mood of the operator maybe.

Thomas and I managed to sample the ride and well I'll say it will be scary for first timers but seasoned roller coaster riders like us, its a piece of cake

Whee...... one would think this also seems scary like the Euro Fun Fair version

The swinging Columbus ride is another 'safe' ride for young children

The stalls are decorated with attractive stuffed dolls. To win these dolls one just need to play the creatively designed game of chance. To win one depends on Mr. Probability and Mrs. Luck.

Sniper training @ Shooting for fun - the shooting game is an attraction for the guys. So if you are a sharpshooter you will be able to win the dolls. Okay....Guys & Dolls? Hold it! Something is wrong here.

Interestingly I observed some shoot with style ~ expert mode and will be rewarded with some cute dolls for a perfect shot. Not that living doll in jeans at the background.

And the Fun Fair's attractions, Iban artises will croon the night away. If anyone likes the Apek song, Angela Lata Jua was there to entertain visitors. There will be joget and poco-poco sessions of course.

Anjela Lata Jua, our Iban songstress also has a Punk music fan attending her concert

The famous Rickie Anderson had young fans coming on stage to sing to his poco-poco Iban version.

As I mentioned earlier, nothing much has changed since twenty to thirty years ago. The Scary House or Hall of Horrors were not there too. Well, if one has nothing much to do, it will be fun if you participate in the fun for a few ringgits or so. And its not impossible to win prizes if you look at the pictures. The games are simple and straighforward. Hopefully we get more creative organisers next time around. Cheers!


Lamak dah aku sik pergi fun fair eh