SS Visits Beguang

Rumah Richard Nujong Welcomes the State Secretary

This June and July 2009 seems to be the busiest time of the year for me. This Nadai Nama Nama blog is having a hard time to keep up with my official and non official activities. However after being assigned as one of the Special Assistants to the State Secretary last year, I learnt a lot about effective time management. One has to admire how the State Secretary schedules his time for the upcoming weeks - even months. I have to salute the members of the State Secretary's core team comprising of Jane, Mary, Azizah, Ramblee, Bernard, Voon, Duat and Kak Midah. In the midst of many challenges, we had a fantastic time to ensure that the State Secretary performs to the very best. In a way, it provided a bird's eye view or rather many helicopter views development policies and implementation in action, which I am glad had prepared me for the ground level experience when I was sent to Sri Aman.

Another history created in the journey of Beguang Dot Com

I had never thought that one of these days my personal and official time would cross path with his official duties. It was an appropriate date also as July seemed to be a happening month. This Nadai Nama Nama blog idea was initated in July 2005 with the first posting coming in August 2005. I reported for duty at the Sri Aman Resident Office on 7th July 2008. So out of all the dates for YB Datuk Amar Wilson to choose during his busy schedule, he picked 7th July 2009 to visit Nanga Beguang as his next stop for an official function. Talk about the coincidence. The Kapit Resident Office sent me an official invitation for the longhouse function and it was appropriate also as I was able to assist the longhouse committee in making the neccessary preparations. So I proceeded to hop into my wheels and drove to Sibu before making the boat ride to the longhouse the next day from the famous Semaram jetty.

The preparations were very elaborate as we passed the longhouse jetty

The Rumah Richard Nujong Longhouse Security and Development Committee (JKKK) were all set to ensure that the event will go on smoothly

The welcoming banner in the house decorated by pua kumbu

The SS has landed ~ part of the highlight of the visit was of course the landing of the Euro helicopter that I am so familiar with. Everyone was excited at the sight of the helicopter as it approached the area. They have never had seen one landing in the longhouse compound and that itself was a fantastic treat.

YB Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot was greeted by the Resident of Kapit, heads of Department Tuai Rumah and the enthusiastic longhouse folks

And the curious kids also gave the State Secretary a warm welcome

One of the State Secretary's official visit was to the KEMAS Kindergaden (Tadika) near the longhouse and we had our traditional marching band that led the way

Ladies in traditional costume welcoming the State Secretary

'This student is left handed' ~ the State Secretary being greeted by the KEMAS kidergarden students

One of the significant event for the State Secretary was the planting of the Eucalyptus tree to mark the visit of the State Secretary. The sign there says the planting was to be done on 6th July 2009 as that was the scheduled arrival date. I am glad its planted on 7th July 2009 as its a unique date (and the number is good too ~ 0707).

After the KEMAS kindergarden visit the State Secretary proceed to the longhouse

The traditional welcoming would not be complete without the Welcoming Drink

The State Secretary performs the Miring Ceremony

The visit was also made meaningful with the presentation of the longhouse history and profile to the State Secretary by my Mum (she is the Secretary of the JKKK)

YB Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot delivering his speech ~ where he praised the JKKK for their efforts and explained the types of development that is set to come to the area.

Part of the State Secretary's function was also to give welfare hampers to the needy in his capacity as Majlis Kebajikan Dan Sukan Anggota-Anggota Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak (MAKSAK) Chairman. Here YB Datuk Amar shakes hand with Mr. Ruma Lidam (in the wheelchair)

Memorable moments: My parents and Uncle Umpang & Aunty Eveyln took the opportunity to pose with YB Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot at our bilik in the longhouse.

YB Datuk Amar State Secretary visits the Tuai Rumah's bilik in the longhouse with the Ketua Polis Daerah, Resident (Encik Dahim Nadot) and District Officer (Encik Galong).

At the end of the visit the Rumah Richard Nujong JKKK poses with the State Secretary and the senior officers from the Kapit Division Administration

When it was time to go, it was quite a sad moment for the longhouse folks. They had enjoyed the State Secretary's company and had wished that he could have stayed longer. The longhouse was still in Gawai and festive mood. It isn't everyday that the State Secretary comes along to one's longhouse. As put by Tuai Rumah Richard Nujong in his speech, the visit was a historic one as no State Secretary has visited Nanga Beguang before. As the helicopter lifted off and everyone bid their farewell, I also bid adieu to YB Datuk Amar as leaves the State Civil Service at the end of the month to head RECODA.This post today is significant also as 11th July 2009 marks my 15th year in the State Civil Service. Truly it has been (and still is) an Honour to Serve.


Darren said…
The shirt got printed on its back ?

Great Job by the Nanga Beguang Team.

Thank you sir, It was an honour receiving a memorable visit to Nanga Beguang.
Pn Hamidah said…
Amazingly significant too that your 15th year anniversary of serving the Sarawak Civil Service also coincides with our Honourable Prime Minister’s 100 days in office haha… your posts here has mostly given us the extra insight into today’s life of the rural longhouse folks whom people like me who have resided long enough in Semenanjung have rarely seldom heard of nowadays. Lucky folks of Nanga Beguang too for all the future developments that awaits them and the significant role of your very own administration and the Kapit Division has mostly contributed to this. On a more personal note, I’m rather surprised that your parents look so much younger…whats the secret sir? Hehe..Again my compliments and congrats on your full one year ground level experiences and all the key events that you’ve successfully participated and set for in Sri Aman. Cheers!
Darren ~ the shirt is printed by Uncle i think :)

Agent Hammy ~ Wow..100 days of our 1Malaysia initiator...I still have a long way to go as mentioned. Many things in the pipeline, personal, official, only too little time and inhibited by technology glitches. Cheers.
Tia said…
Yeah.... kak midah is right. Your mum looks young. And the longhouse is very beautiful & clean!!!
nicksuneo said…
Desmond, i just attend a welcoming dinner organized by MAKSAK wanita Sarawak few hours ago at Grand Magretha (holiday inn) hotel Kuching, where YB Wilson Baya was the vip guess. In his welcoming speech, he did mentioned about his recent beautiful and enjoyable visit to Nanga Beguang's long house. He mentioned that he was surprised that your mother (penduduk di sana) manages to brief him about the website. He so proud of your mother. He did mentioned your name in his welcoming speech. What a small world ;-)