SK Klassen Revisited

State Development Office Visit

This week I managed to link up a few agencies to solve the case related to SK Klassen's bridge. The State Development Office (SDO) or Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) of the Prime Minister's Department came down to view the state of the SK Klassen Bridge. Thanks to Encik Sulaiman Han and Cik Dorisi Resit of SDO headquarters in Kuching and also Cik Haslinda of SDO Sri Aman. We then contacted the school's administration and they were ready at hand to present their case to the ICU Officers on the conditions the hanging bridge. After that it was technical talk between our Jabatan Kerja Raya Sri Aman and SDO on the specifications. One will see that the process of project request, planning and implementation is not that straight forward. Reason being also, the expectations of the various parties and the funds available. The school would love to have a permanent concrete bridge twin lane bridge while another party may feel another 'hanging bridge' to replace the existing bridge or it could be a Bailey Bridge (I - Beam) as temporary measures. That is the greatest challenge of serving here as one needs to be involved in the projects beginning with project identification phase. If it does get approve the cost will determine what bridge is to be built and the responsibility will fall on to another agency (District Office). They may have their own way of doing things, thus, the advantage of being in the Resident Office is to be able to channel this complicated processes with the cooperation of everyone including the areas' representative (the people who owns the land if its to be built somewhere nearby, surrounding longhouse folks and also area's Yang Berhormat). Something to share with any future administrators who will be handling this case if it happens to drag on.

The State Development Office officers Cik Haslinda and Encik Aliff being briefed by the teachers of SK Klassen

Harzadous crossing along the bridge....i mean her name is not 'Harzadous', its Annliza our ever reliable Assistant Engineer from the Sri Aman JKR Office. Okay let's focus on the bridge now.
Incidently being a Friday I managed to see the students going back from school for the weekend especially those who are staying in the hostels

Kindergarden students crossing the SK Klassen bridge

Parents, Students and Teachers/staff of SK Klassen use this hanging bridge everyday. They are aware of the danger but this is the only crossing to the school at the moment

Excited children going back from school ~ its a sight to watch. Being the eldest in the family I was usually the one who have to pick my younger brother and sister from school. So its something that's near to the heart when one sees the kids running out from their classes.

This student has her Mum picking her up from school

This hostel student has her week's belongings in the bag as she returns for the weekend

A physically challenged student by the name of 'Boy' crossing the SK Nanga Klassen Bridge.

Though it is my hope that the case of SK Klassen can be solved quickly, one always have to be ready for disappointments. There are a hundred and one development requests around the division to look into. If SK Klassen's situation can be solved, then I see hope in the others. If I can't even get this one through I might as well pack my bags and get some desk job somewhere, fiddling with computers. Here's a chance to see 'Rakyat Diutamakan' in action.


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yah.. I hope this problem will be solved soon. Looks really dangerous.
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