Btg Lupar Riverine Park

A Landmark Set To Shine

Something is set to put smiles on the faces of Sri Amanians or Simanggagians soon. The completion of the Batang Lupar Riverine Park Phase 1 was featured in my previous blog entitled No Mee Segera Recipe in March this year.

Aerial view of the Riverine Park during my helicopter ride on March 2009

This was the place where Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall in my December 2008 blog post.

Construction of the Watch Station in April 2009

YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu making an inspection of the project site April 2009

Ongoing construction on April 2009

Almost Completed

Large crowd of people can now be seen at the almost completed waterfront. More if its the high tide as they will get to see the tidak bore or benak phenomenon which never fails to amaze the locals and also tourists.

The Riverine Park provides a conducive environment for relaxing

The benak occurs during high tides at a specified time. Most Sri Amanians can predict the time one can see the benak waves

Viewing tower from a distance

Crowds at the Viewing Tower - awaiting the approaching benak waves from a distance

When the benak waves come nearer the crowd gets excited

A section of locals and some tourists at the Riverine Park during the benak waves' approach

Night At the Park

At night, when the Riverine Park offers a different setting - a place for families and friends to spend the leisure hours. Though it is yet to be fully completed, many visitors drop by at the Riverine Park

Viewing Tower from a distance at night

The yellow lightens up the Viewing Tower at night

The path leading to the Viewing Tower has miniature lights making it look like an airport runway

The lighting at the park makes the place look spectacular at night

View of lighting from another angle

The Batang Lupar Riverine Waterfront is set to become Sri Aman's icon should Phase 2 takes off. This would allow the park to cover more distance. Though it would not be a grand as the Kuching Waterfont, it means something for the people here. So it is hoped that itchy hands and eyes would not spoil this recreational area. After all, vandalism is a more famous phenemenom compared with the benak. Lets train our minds to be first class ~ parallel to the first class facilities. We eagerly await for its official opening. Cheers!


Tia said…
something to look forward to now when making a trip back to Sri Aman!!
lovely photos!
headsteadi said…
it's certainly and iconic landmark for Sri Aman. Let's hope that 50 years down the road, it is still maintained regularly. No more 1st class facilities with 3rd class mentalities. Sri Aman boleh!
John Goh said…
yes, all of us need to have 1st class facilities with 1st class mentaliies......
It is the duty of all of us to keep the Riverine Park clean, & it is a nice place for viewing "benak".......
PPS said…
Certainly something great for Sri Aman. Sure Batang Lupar and the 'benak' will be very proud of it, as much as the Sri Amanians. Hopefully vandalism won't overshadow the beauty...

Great night shots, sir.