TYT's 87th Birthday

Sarawak Governor's 87th Birthday

I had the honour of being part of the TYT's 86th Birthday last year in September 2007. As the Fasting Month fell on September 2008 this year, the official celebration was held on 25th October 2008 in Kuching at the Padang Merdeka - today. It is also during this occassion that the Governor dishes out the State honours and Datukships. Allow me to share some photos of the events for those who were not there.

The contigents gathered at the Padang Merdeka Kuching as early as 6:30 a.m and after the VVIPs have arrived YB Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, the organising Minister launched the celebrations at 8:30 a.m

The celebration's highlight included march passes by various uniformed contigents and Government Departments plus several NGOs

The VIP Platform for the Governor, Chief Minister and Ministers with wives - YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu was unable to witness the march pass as he was attending his daugther's wedding which falls on the same date

The activities at the Padang Merdeka to entertain the Governor and wife included kids performing synchronised martial arts amidst the backdrop of the Governor and wife

Pleasant surprise: my former Ministry of Environment and Public Health was one of the contigent. I had started my service in this Ministry when I first joined the State Civil Service and it brings fond memories. I don't mind going back there.

Gotcha - this big amour vehicle is no match for the camera phone as it gets shot

The grand finale included the singing of Happy Birthday with children and youths of various races and costumes walking to the front of the VVIP stage wishing the Governor a Happy Birthday and Good Health

Congratulations Datuk! Another reason to cheer is that YB Encik Francis Harden ak Hollis is now a 'Datuk'. I have to get used to saying 'Datuk' now as he would be the first from the existing Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri members from Sri Aman to get Datukship (apart from YB Datuk Dublin Unting) - I believe the Datin next to him is happy to know that also


GC said…
very colourful bro, nice shot, like the one where the youth on their tradisional attire rushing to the main stage
Coffee Girl said…
Dang... I missed it again. Was outstation. Nice shot!