Alumni Dinner

SHS Alumni Annual Reunion Dinner

Tonight will be a special occassion for the SHS 21st Alumni Annual dinner as they launch their SHS Blogsite. The Alumni Committee has been working hard for the whole event.

Front image for the launch backdrop

Looking forward to good food and meeting my Alumni mates whom incidently are mostly older than me....... hehehehe..... but they are more successful. I have to admire their hard work as they had set a standard during their time with which we had to maintain our time. I cannot be naughty as the former Principal, Brother Albinus will be there.


wah? So special ar? They even write your name on a card and placed it on the table? So special liao...
Pn Hamidah said…
I like to say this one deserves an ovation.You bet I'll make time for the blogsite later. Enjoy your dinner.=D>