Hectic Week

Happy Start to the Week

The second week of October kicked off in a rather hectic pace. I was set to attend the Parliamentary Discourse in Damai Puri, Kuching on Monday which was officiated by the Right Honourable Chief Minister. But before that I had a surprise gift for my upcoming birthday from my parents and family in Sibu. My Dad brought it along from Sibu as he was attending a meeting in Kuching.

Thanks Mummy & Daddy for the James Bond Briefcase, my two nephews whom I call 2Js (Jason & Justin) and my bro in law and sister for the Adidas shirt

Official and Social Start to the Week

After meeting dad and collecting my presents I rushed straight for Damai Puri for the official launching of the Parliamentary Discourse. It's a reeducation of SCORE since our SCORE launching in Bintulu last February. I was wondering progress has been made so far. Its a good catch up session for our launch team who also attended this Discourse. The Oxford Business Group also launched The Report: Sarawak during the opening ceremony. I met up again with good old Greg after helping his finalise the book's chapters in April 2008. So there was a whole lot of familiar faces - those I have not seen for years, and months and everyone wanted an update of my life in Sri Aman. I told them to go to my blog but they wanted a real life account and not the ones that are in the blog - what is it that I am not telling. Hahaha... 'for me to know for you to find out' I told them. But one thing for sure, its not as relaxing as one percieves it to be. No music cafes, no 'English style' pubs - man I am gonna miss the Oktoberfest...Ja Ja...as the German would say! Maybe I can organise one myself here with Angela, Carl, Stella and Hunny Kin :)

The Right Honourable Chief Minister arrives to officiate the Parliamentary Discourse at Damai Puri being greeted by the Secretariat

Exchanging of souveniers

Fiery Start to The Week

Anyway I was unable to stay throughout the seminar as duty called. The office informed me of a fire which destroyed a 14 doors longhouse at Entulang Danau just 12 kilometres away from Sri Aman. I had to rush back for a day trip to Sri Aman. I cannot imagine sitting down comfortably in a Seminar in Kuching without doing something for the victims who are unbder our administration. Most of the work was coordination and it was a fruitful day as we the agencies there managed to send all the relevant aid to the victims - the District Office compiled the victim's particulars, the Public Works and District Council coordinated the setting up of the temporary tents. The Sri Aman Member of Parliament was quick to donate RM20,000 to assist in the construction of a temporary shelter. More assistance is expected to come.

What's left of the double storey 14 doors longhouse

The fire started from the middle of the longhouse and spreaded like so quickly - it took the Bomba (Fire Department) an hour to douse the flames

The suspected area was cordoned of by the Bomba (Fire Department)

Victims had to stay in temporary shelters which they made themselves and with the belongings they managed to salvage

Those without nearby realtives have to share the temporary 'tents' made of anything that is available

It was a heartbreaking sight to see the victims are uncertain of what lies ahead for them

Assistance from the Member of Parliament of P.202 YB Tuan Masir Kujat arrives. He was quick to provide the basic construction materials for a temporary shelter even though he was in Kuala Lumpur attending the Budget 2009 Debate. Bravo YB!!

The television did not make it out the fire - luckily no lives were lost

Tuai Rumah Noria in purple shirt (yeap, its a lady Tuai Rumah and I am not surprised as we have a few women Tuai Rumahs in the Sri aman Division) coordinating the assistance recieved from YB Tuan Masir Kujat and also the division of word, zincs, iron nails for the victims

Doing my part before I rush back to Kuching - a gas tank and stove as this was not in the standard aid package dished out by the Welfare Department which only provides some cash money and a week's food ration, cooking utensils, money for school going children and clothing for victims amongst others

On my return journey to Kuching I saw dark clouds forming and the rain poured after that - I can't help thinking how the victims will cope but there was so much one could do for a day. I have instructed my officers to do a follow up on the victims and told them to advice the tuai rumah what needs to be done. I will follow up with their progress on my return and I once again thank the other relevant agencies that had chipped in and done their part, especially the Bomba and those in the Divisional Disaster Relief Committee. Individuals who wish to donate can do so through the Resident's Office Administrative Officers (Contact Mr. Micheal - 0138222892 and Mr. Bujang Ladi - 013-8200923).


It seems to me that you are always going around with the YBs. I wonder what do you do? Wirking in the state secretary office? Hehehehe..just wondering...
Pn Hamidah said…
I quite agree that we should be looking forward to more entries on your own real life account of personal experiences and ideas and what takes your mind on certain issues as most times you blogged on work experiences which is of course very good, but then again don't you find it very tiring sir? :-))
nicksuneo said…
So sad to see those photos of burning house. Feel pity to the victims. Kesiannya
memang kesian.
Tia said…
belajar cara-cara nyadi YB,
who knows right?
tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia siapa yang tahu (sila baca cara Karam Singh Walia.... he he he)
Elsa Gabriel said…
felt sorry to all the victims...ur jobs...it's seem enjoyable :)
Joe Nyuin said…
Bravo Desmond. You could choose to stay in the comfortable air-cond room, having 5 stars meals and sleeping on a cozy bed, but you didn't. You travel I think more than 3 hours just to show support to thie people. I can san Sri Aman is blessed to have you in.