Bridge of Life

Crossing the Bridge

I woke up early in the morning and tried to reason with my other half on what I resolutions I should make.

I had been reluctant to harp about my age or celebrate my turning into 40. But when the presents started to pour in from my family in Sibu and my missus and Shania keep asking for my birthday cake, friends reminded me with SMSes - the birthday mood was set. I organised a simple birthday cake cutting ceremony in Kuching. After all those presents I am sure my family in Sibu would want me to enjoy the day. Danny, the adopted son of Nanga Beguang, who came all the way from Singapore managed to join this quiet event. I manage to keep Hunny Kin, Carl ande Stella at bay as I had wanted to start this 40 yish journey right and focus on making it to 50! But I did take a bit of Angela!

The Bridge of Life's is about decisions - those that you make that leads to different outcomes

I have always liked the picture of the bridge at my longhouse above as it reminds me of one's life journey. It has an akward 'L' shape design. The other side of the bridge shapes into a crossroad. When you turn right or left or go straight it leads to different places. It can be used as a symbol of reaching some point in your life - you need not be 40 years old. In the picture if you walk straight ahead, you will walk into abundance. The flowers are there for you to enjoy and there's a house with everything that you need. Taking this path means that you have achieved what you want in life and have decided to savour and reap what you have sowed. Thus for some its the end of their journey. And if you turn to the left, it will lead to a rubber plantation, fruit orchards, and fish ponds which will require a little effort to turn into 'riches'. Its something that you already have in hand or possession except that you just need to work for it. Finally if one turns to the right and walk along the single pathway - that lonely path seems to lead to infinity and certain uncertainty. Only God knows where it leads to. How the journey will end depends on how equipped you are especially in faith, hope and stamina especially if you want to make your dreams come true. In life we face these decisions almost everyday and in this bridge of life, and when we make one turn or the other there is no turning back.

The four candles - each candle, a reflection of life's journey and achievements and failures (most importantly how I learned from it)

At this point in time I believe that may be the meaning of Life begins at 40. Is it that for many that they discover this only when they reach 40? I have so many people to thank.....too many in fact for showing me where to turn and when to turn on reaching that bridge, especially my parents.

Dance of Life...... yeap, hope Mum and Dad can teach me those steps

Mum & Dad not only showed me the fragilities of life but guided me and my siblings. They even played a part in helping my uncles, aunties and cousins when they had to cross that Bridge of Life. They would walk with me if they had too but they know when to let go and when to hold my hands. Thanks Mummy & Daddy! I grabbed the photo above from Sebugey Blogspot ~ which incidently belongs to Mdm. Jenny Jeli who used to be my guardian at Piasau Inn Miri during my training stint with Shell Sarawak in the early 1990s. Phew...i did not know she blogs, let's hope she forgets the way we almost destroyed the rooms in that Inn.

My Bro In law finally persuaded me that Manchester United should be the team to support this Season. I wonder how he did it when he presented me this jersey

Posing with Danny and Wallace

Yea.... its '40'! Well, age is just a number I guess as Wallace says his number reflects how young his heart is and Danny says numbers do not mean anything unless its countless and it transforms into money in your wallet.

Family cake cutting together with my missus and Shania - and Ti Don (Aunty Don with Girls Girls t shirt), my sister who shares the same Birthday date as me :)

Another important present that I got from Danny was a newspaper clipping that he found in Singapore - Sarawak Tribune dated 6 January 1962. Its news about my Dad when he was just twenty two years old. Of course I was not born yet but well I think it tells me that I am about eighteen years behind......

Sarawak Tribune 6 January 1962 - though his picture is not clear, the article's got me thinking, now here is a 22 year old dude who knows what he wants (he was Mr. Sarawak in the early 60s) while I am still grasping on what to become!

Screening through Dad's Album

Okay if I have another 10 years to catch up, I will have to check with the guy in Batik if life starts at 50 or 60 then. He seems to enjoy himself irregardless of age and Ir. Alice Jawan is trying to keep up (photo grabbed from sebugey.blogspot)


Darren said…
Wow... the Sarawak Tribune article shows the Giant Footsteps imprinted in the path
headsteadi said…
Dude. You made a very wrong decision of supporting ManUSA. That's a very bad choice ;)

Having said that, now that you're officially a ManUSA fan, I've to "dirty" my browser each time I visit your blog :p

Liverpool FC is the perfect club as your perfect gift to start your perfect 40 :) Not ManUSA or Chelski or ARSEnal.
Anonymous said…
Happy belated Birthday Bro Desmond, Hope u make more money and more productive making a bigger family. Whoa, arap gayu guru gerai nyamai, bulih pangkat, healthy and wealthy selalu, anang bisi Angela no 2 ok. Birthday cake aja ok.
Nimi Momo said…
those are cool birthday presents to have.. lucky you...
Pn Hamidah said…
Happy belated birthday to you. Life sure will be as good as it gets when we hit 40.A very impressive post with a beautiful family too.
cyrildason said…
Happy belated Birthday Desmond.

Can't imagine myslef taking on the 40 figure.. man.. life's so fast.. come i wasn't invited to the party? Hahaha...looking at the mirror is the best thing to do in order to get opinions.
aku orang biasa said…
selamat ari pengada tuan...
Chris Anakapai said…
I remember that my Dad told me that ur Dad inspired him to become a teacher and also to take up body building... My Dad won the Mr. Rajang title..Hehhehe. stidi kaban
now, looking at my brothers, I sigh. Title Mr. Boroi and Buncit bulih lah...hehehe