Pontianak Tale

Almost a Ghost Story

After the Angela Sandy sentimental story I have to admit that its hard to really try to prove if age can explain why I did it. So if I were to write a love story in the future, I think no one would believe me. Unless I have pictures of Angela in my blog, then more readers will be inclined to believe me. Hence it has hastened my need to share with Nadai Nama readers an almost true pontianak ghost story which I encountered today. I had quickly posted it in the blog as I captured the pictures of this 'Pontianak'. The event should come out in the newspaper tomorrow - probably if local editors catch it. It may be what nightmares are made of. Something you think could not happen to you, but when you have a close encounter with it, you start to wonder. Is there a dark force nature out there? Its the story of a Pontianak! And this is no ordinary Pontianak - but a big and viscious one if I may say. If I had not taken pictures of it I would not have believed it myself. This is a tale from the real person who experienced it at her own house, and boy, is she glad to be alive. I happened to be at the right place at the right time because I manage to catch a glimpse and picture of 'Pontianak' outside her house too.

The living room of the house where Pontianak almost struck. It looks a bit scary after one hears the story. Looking at the people who slept soundly there, I was wondering whether it was just a dream.

Its was about six o'clock in the morning when she was preparing breakfast for the family, a routine chore she does every morning. The kitchen was a bit dark due to the room being lighted by a single flickering bulb. A certain uneasiness engulfed her as she heard a shrieking sound a distant above her home. She did not dare to see the source of the sound as it got louder and nearer. Various images were going in her mind and after a few seconds of hesitation, she gathered enough courage to creep towards the door entrance. She had not expected anything out of the ordinary to happen before her own eyes. As she poke her head out the door, behold she saw 'Pontianak' just outside her door. She could not believe it but - yes - seven dark figures quickly dashed out from 'Pontianak' in quick succession - screaming, almost causing her heart to almost stop beating.

The house owner in her own words related to me how the Pontianak struck. Listening to her version and the way she related it to me, it was indeed a scary encounter.

After that she allowed me into the house compund and let me take photos of the 'Pontianak' and believe me, its a mean machine to find at your doorstep early in the morning!

The 'Pontianak' destroyed the front gate

The 'Pontianak' 's tyres stuck in the mud before it stopped short from the house's wall

"Pontianak' red label seen at the front view

Even got 'Pontianak' at the back

At the back this Pontianak bound bus from Brunei stopped its journey in Sri Aman, Sarawak

The Telekom telephone pole broken on impact by the side of the road

I suppose the number will be sold out in Sri Aman 4 Digit tomorrow

The good news is that the seven people inside the bus were not seriously injured. They rushed out of the bus after the bus came to a standstill in front of the house. They were too exhausted that the house owner was kind enough to allow them sleep in the house (the first picture in the blog was of the bus driver) who claimed to an Utusan Sarawak News journalist Mr. Valentine Ngumbang, that some unknown force forced the bus off the road and down the steep hill. I think that is the 'supernatural' part of the story in this blog post today. Cheers!


Pn Hamidah said…
I scrolled down to view pictures first and I got it. Once beaten twice shy and I for one never believe in pontianak hehe. Interesting though.:-)Thanks.
nicksuneo said…
Gosh! That bus deserve to get its name. Pontianak Sarawak! Suka hati hantam people's house. Pity the house owner..
Tia said…
better buy the number
today is D-Day..

naughty..naughty desmond!!!
Ruis Jugah said…
bujang, first the Sexy Angela, now the scary antukoklir, bisi ari tu nyadi cerita amat - many enggau Stella, etc.

I still remember nuan madah bisi megai patong indu MAS suba - hahaha, next time real "patung" yuu
lookenneth said…
Probably due to a sleepy bus driver. Don't tell me the police bought the story of the 'dark force'?
OMG!..totally out of control..
GC said…
Desmond, my man you did it again, very creative.
Nimi Momo said…
:D a big fat red pontianak indeed!
headsteadi said…
indeed my friend your posting is getting more creative. keep it coming ...