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Presidential Decree

For the Nadai Nama readers who SMSed me whether I am offline or not, I am sorry I have not updated the blog this week. I had wanted to blog on the recent Sarawak 45 Years Development Exhibition which we had in Dewan Suarah Sri Aman the last two weeks but a presidential decree by my Sacred Heart's Alumni President (Dr. Lim Choon Yang) saw me cracking my head (and small brain) on creating the Sibu Sacred Heart Alumni Association Blogsite. Its still in the process of tweaking here and there - designing it so that it features the School colour etc. But its up and about for now and is expected to be publicised to the Alumni members during the 21st Alumni Annual Dinner at the end of the month. Egads! Deadlines again. Its a simple blogsite built on Blogspot platform. As most of the Committee members are rather new to this but well, if Dr. Mahathir can jump on the Bloggers' Bandwagon - maybe the Sacred heart Old Boys should catch up on the technology too.

If at first 'Angela' appeared on my handphone, now its the Preseident's message via our Alumni Secretary Ms Jenny to initiate the Alumni Blog

The Alumni Blog can be seen at at SHS Alumni Kuching site


On another front I have been asked about the Sri Aman Resident's Office official website. Though it is not in my job descripton to look into the designing of the website but I do have itchy fingers. I browsed through the other Resident's Office website namely and I believe Mukah, Betong, Sarikei, Limbang, Bintulu, Samarahan, Sibu and Kapit's have their's while Miri and Kuching does not have one - yet. If I take this task I will have to split my brain as the website will have to be in pure HTML or I use Adobe Golive (Dreamweaver). Limitations in the server granted to us by the Information Communication and Technology Unit of the Chief Minister's Department is 50 MB of space. The server does not seem to support PHP and MySQL. If it does I would have installed Joomla (20 plus MB gone with that) or Wordpress (about 8 MB gone). Decisions, decisions....

Present Sri Aman Website at Sri Aman Resident Office

Anyway if you guys and gals feel you wanna suggest which of the other Residents Office I should follow if I were to do a makeover (with HTML) pick which is the better ones. I am tempted to go for the Resident Office of Betong (not because Crispin Francis - the webmaster is my friend) but then again there are features that you may wish to have in others that would fit Sri Aman. All with 50 MB.....I think I will get pictures that are the size of ants to save some space. Hmmm......


Darren said…
betong site interface/structure is highly recommendable because of its simplicity.

New govt websites post 2008 are advised by MAMPU to emphasize on simplicity, referring to singapore & korea govt sites.

Front page is a summary of all the links that a user can access to every subpage.

Intro page is no longer necessary coz it adds to more user clicks n waste space. Its better to go straight away to a front page of the default language.
Pn Hamidah said…
Well then you should go for the Betong layout/interface if you feel that the application will respond well to user activity.I am actually foreign to all these hehe..malunya.
Uchu Keling said…
-- if only i can help you with the prehistoric 50Mb space --

and you know how to locate me :D