Watching WALL-E

I watched WALL-E with my daughter last weekend - I could not stop laughing at this loveable robot and its adventure. My daughter also kept saying Walle! Walle! which is means that the story has managed to influence her in a way. For us grown up, probably what the story is trying to convey is about the importance of conserving our environment. I take it from there as Sarawak went on a campaign to plant 45,000 trees on 23rd August 2008 - in conjuction with the 45th Anniversary of Sarawak Maju Dalam Malaysia. I could not help being reminded of how two robots who have no inkling on the importance of plants went all out to save the 'plant' discovered by Wall-e. If you have not seen the movie - try to catch it. I would have used Wall-e as the mascot of the Tree Planting efforts in Sri Aman if I had known the storyline earlier.

Anyway my week in Sri Aman continues with the blitz of trying to familiarise myself with the Division I am serving and that included travelling to the corners of the division in the order of SALL-E (Sri Aman, Lingga, Lachau, Engkilili)

Sri Aman in the weekend: Nothng much could be done as it rained heavily causing part of Jalan Hollis and other parts in the town to be under water

Lingga: The town at the western corner of the Division comprises of wooden shoplots on both sides of the road and that's it. Its like travelling back into time - take away all those cars and motorbikes, it will make a good site for making pre independence movies

The wooden structure of the Lingga District Office

The original shield of the Brooke Administration is still intact with the three cannons which dates back to the Rajah's era. Apart from the terubok fish in Lingga, I suppose this would be a tourist attraction by itself

Site visit to the future Lingga District Office (a modern one) which is a walking distance from the original site - officers from the State Implementation and Monitoring Unit takes a look at the progress of the new office building

The foreman (in slippers) discussing over the plans and structure of the new building - ermm... with all those metals and sharp objects I wonder if that foreman was using Safety Slippers - it could be an Iron Slipper or maybe he was Iron man - without any fear of those metal piercing through his feet

Lachau: Hopping over to Lachau which is a stopover for weary drivers travelling to and from Kuching to other parts Sarawak. I do not know how its name but do try to pronounce it properly or you could be in danger of getting a black eye

Lachau Market: It was a pleasant surprise when I learnt that they had turned one part of the town into a mini market that sells local food like the famed smoked fish (salai) and salted fish plus other jungle produce

Engkilili: The official tree planting function for the Lubok Antu District was held at the town of Engkilili and officiated by the Member of Parliament for Lubok Antu YB Tuan Willian Nyallau.

The other Districts did their part in tree planting ~ coordinated by the Local Councils. I was still thinking of putting Walle somewhere in the Posters but I fear that the Walle story may have not reached this part of Engkilili town. The Engkilili folks looked at me blankly when I spoke about the movie. I gather that Andrewson Ngalai's new karaoke VCD will spread faster in this part of Sri Aman.

Well, it had been a fruitful week in one way or another as most of us in this part of Sri Aman are insulated from national politics which is brewing across the South China Sea. Being administrators its business as usual here as playing politics will only distract us more from carrying out our roles in serving the people. In fact with so many Astro dishes on most of the homes and longhouses, we talk more of the Beijing Olympics, Obama and whether Russia will ever leave Georgia. Furthermore Streamyx users here can be counted by hand so the all hyped Alternative Media won't get its air time. We enjoy our inspirational moments with TV1 & TV2 including National Radio which entertains us 24/7. Rather than getting all worked up over the Permatang Pauh by-election we are rather stressed on what numbers to buy in the next 6/52 Sportstoto Draw which has an accumulated Jackpot amount of RM16 million now. This is indeed a Peaceful Town and its a wonder some of my colleagues just do not want to be transferred out - Good luck to those who are also thinking of which numbers to buy :)