Malaysia is 51!

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Technology enabled the family to get together this Merdeka. Who would think that this would be possible a few years back? Videoconferencing via webcams kept the family at home tonight as the family in Kuala Lumpur, Sibu and Kuching celebrated Merdeka Eve.

From Kuching my daughter was able to talk with my mum who is still in Kualal Lumpur via MSN Messenger courtesy of Live.Com.My

The teleconferencing linked KL-Kuching-Sibu as we toasted for Malaysia. I had Vodka and Jim Beam to myself.

Emailed photo of toast sent by my brother Darren - I would say Grandma has got style as she held that Teleconference Microphone headset while leading the toast for Malaysia's 51st Independence for she knows what life was like in the Pre Independence and Post Independence days. Our family shared the high and lows of this country - we pray and also believe in the peaceful multi-racial and fairness Malaysia stands for ~ so we toast for continual Peace and Prosperity.....ooooHaaa......

The best part was that Mang joined in a little later from Canada - I would say Grandma was a bit dazzled by the technology. We do our part to make sure that Mang won't feel homesick. With the International SMSes and roaming technology - the distance factor is minimized. All the best Mang :)

And also for the State that I love, we must also not forget - Happy 45th Birthday Sarawak!


headsteadi said…
Bro, your inik look very healthy and still quite young. May she is blessed with good health.

Happy Merdeka to you and your families.
Darren said…
Congrats!!! It is indeed a historical feat to appear in Malay Mail - the oldest (110 years old) newspaper.
Nimi Momo said…
hi desmond. ive been a silent reader of your blog since early this year, and likes what u write. it's a pleasant surprise to see your blog is featured in the Malay Mail today. i recoqnised the article very quickly because i just saw the same photo of your family celebrating the merdeka in your blog few hours before.

anyway, congratulation and good job there.