Peaceful Accident

Different Accident Experience in Sri Aman

Accidents rarely happen in this Town of Peace but once a while it gets too peaceful that some accidents are bound to happen. My lunch time was interrupted by the sound of a crash. I was at the scene in a jiffy and I saw a green motorcycle (Karisma). Out came my camera and the time I reached the scene, the bystanders were already carrying the victim into the awaiting van - the same one that hit the motorcyclist. When I reach the scene the van had already left for the hospital which was about 5 minutes away.

Passing motorist carrying the accident victim (the motorcyclist) into the awaiting van - the Toyota Avanza which hit the motorcyclist). Try to focus on the helpful passerbys who assisted the accident victim into the van. Don't be distracted by that one and only Century Reflexology Centre (the building at the background) in Sri Aman which offers relaxing foot massages amidst a conducive environment especially after a fulfilling lunch. Do drop by when you can ~ ouch sorry I was a bit distracted.

Accident scene which is also the main road (during peak hour!) is surprisingly clear!

Passing traffics were oblivious to the accident scene and there was no traffic jam even though it was rush hour. If this had been not Sri Aman and some big City - I believe that van would have just left the scene to make a Police Report (or disappear) and the poor victim will have to wait for the ambulance to arrive. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the road where the accident happened would be jam packed with curious onlookers/motorists. Well that's the experience in small town like Sri Aman. Drive or Ride Peacefully folks!


headsteadi said…
By right when accident happens, we should call the ambulance to go to the scene. However, we Malaysians, always scoop away the injured victims into somebody's vehicle to the nearest medical center. This is wrong because the victim's state of injury might be serious that moving the victim will eventually worsen it. What if the poor fella' had a neck injury? He'd have been in worse situation because he has been moved.