In Peace's Name

The Day Sri Aman got its name

As I struggle with the Internet here I will start off with the famous story on how Sri Aman got its name from its original Simanggang name. The historic time capsule is archived in a house which used to be the British Resident's house, known as Rumah Sri Aman.

Rumah Sri Aman is located on top of a hill which oversees the present Sri Aman town

When i say hilly - I did not realise that its really steep coz I was almost out of breath while taking the photos of the surroundings

The furnitures in Rumah Sri Aman gives it a modern and elegant setting (its fully air conditioned now - resereved only for VIP guests). Interestingly I would not know who would want to spend the night there with so much history in it

Picture of the famous Peace Signing Ceremony which changed the name of Simanggang Town to Sri Aman which stands for Peace - where the then Chief Minister of Sarawak YAB Datuk Haji Abdul Rahman Ya'kub and Mr. Bong Kee Chok the Director and Commisar of PARAKU (Pasukan Rakyat Kalimantan Utara) signed a Memorandum of Understanding at Rumah Sri Aman on 21 October 1973
The original table and chairs used by the two leaders can still be seen at Rumah Sri Aman

The mark of the historic table

Being an ardent reader I also managed to pick up on the significance of this town being labeled as the Town of Peace especially during the Brookes' rule 'The Three White Rajahs' by the Renee of Sarawak
Simanggang played an earlier role in being the peace making mark when Simanggang was the place for the Dayaks (as they were known that time) of Ulu Ai, Skrang, Layer and Lemanak to settle thier tribal feud.

If more historical facts can be uncovered and made known to the world I would believe this would enhance Sri Aman's tourism industry which is quite confined to a few Carnivals and Festivals at the moment (Tidal Bore or Pesta Benak). Some more discoveries in Sri Aman (Simanggang) soon as I gather the courage to climb up that Fort Alice site known to be another historic site. It looks pretty scary from my office which is just across it.

Discovering a beautiful sunset at Sri Aman Stadium (a bit blurrish maybe due to poor lighting for my camera)

In response to Flying Dayak's query - the name Simanggang, described from Mr. Chang Pat Foh's book 'Legend & History of Sarawak' came from a half Teochew (the first few Chinese settlers along Batang Lupar river) and Iban mixture of meanings. It would be good to get one of this book to appreciate the State's past.


FlyingDayak said…

Two questions:
1. What does Simanggang mean? And, why would local folks still prefer to call the town Simanggang instead of Sri Aman?

2. Could we get a copy of the famous memorandum? I guess the original will be a far fetch - this is to satisfy my curiosity: some literatures say 20th November 1973 and some say 21st November 1973.

The Flying Dayak.
Uchu Keling said…
Who ever the insurance agent, he must be making tonnes all these years doing nothing.
Brandah said…
Hello tuan TR. Peace with you at Sri Aman.....simanggang is very much part of historical division in Sarawak history...

I believe tuan TR can promote sri aman as a one of tourism destination. Apart of her historical (and tidal bore), sri aman also blessed with Eco-tourism, cultural etc... Maybe tuan TR can explore to Lanjak entimau, Ng Sumpa (Lubok Antu) etc...

Just my sincere comments,


Brandah (sama uhang sibau/maling)
tcpoh98 said…
Thank you for introducing Sri Aman in the web ....your blog is very updated