One Stop

One Stop Discount Store

I was strolling along the town in the morning when I saw a lot of people in one of the new shop that just opened in Sri Aman town. By Sri Aman standard this is really a big event I guess. Curious I went to inspect the 'sale' and discovered that this is like one of the many 'discount' tagged' shops which can be found aplenty in Kuching - especially the MJC area. But as always a new shop that has just opened always gets this attention for us. So I became a busy body myself looking at things that could be useful around the house. Its just that I miss those big sales and crowd of Kuching City or Kuala Lumpur suring those Great Sales event. I have yet to find time to go on holiday to Kuala Lumpur like last year. Maybe I will choose a different bearing this year and head on to Sabah. But for now, its fun to be with the Sri Amanian shoppers as I hear them so went 'ooh and ahhs' over the low prices being offered. It reminded me of the time I was in Penang during my undergraduate years when there was a sale in KOMTAR Penang where we would usually 'fight' over the goods being offered. Those were the days when the economy was good I guess. Now one usually see many empty shopping complexes even if there is a Super Sale going on.

This is not a promotional post: just enjoying the 'Big SALE' environment


cyrildason said…
wow.. Canada... and in the photo you took above, she does look like the gurl in the maybank ad.

anyway, the church looks so majestic on the hill, but I never stepped foot in it.