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Are Our Cars Truly Worth The Ringgit?

I am sorry if I am seen as being unsupportive of the national car industry for this posting. There are three cars in my house in Kuching which is my wife's Perodua Kancil, my sister's Perodua Myvi and my ageing Proton Saga which I will keep for sentimental reasons. So I am a typical supporter of the cheap local car industry. Except that we do always get this itch of trying to get something new sometimes. After reviewing the local car scene and surfing the Internet for car reviews, some external reviews shown in You Tube made me think twice about getting anything new. Looking at what the critics have to say, I cannot help wondering if the authorities have considered looking into the road worthiness of these new cars that are being introduced on our roads. The occurrence of accidents could be due to the faulty components in the car or the design itself. I won't know but when they claim that old cars that are above 15 years old and above like my Proton are supposed to be replaced as it is not roadworthy - I got to think twice after watching the reviews.

Comparing Malaysian & Korean Cars Part 1

Comparing Malaysian & Korean Cars Part 2

Comments on the Gen 2

The infamous Jeremy Clarkson and our Kelisa

James May of Top Gear review of Kelisa

Jeremy Clarkson testing our Kenari - drive a car the way its supposed to be driven. Which is why accidents on Malaysian roads are pretty serious news

Crash Test for Proton Impian - 3 Star rating. Hmmm.... no wonder the fatalities in Malaysian accidents are high

I suppose many of the Malaysian car manufacturers or patriotic Malaysian car owners would love to hate those car reviewers in You Tube videos that you have just seen. But one cannot help that their reviews are honest and straightforward. They have driven more cars than me! Its not only the Proton or Perodua that gets a beating if one gets to see all of the program. I think I will go and invest in giving my present car's Magma Engine a total overhaul (RM2000 versus getting a RM45,000 new Proton Persona car or RM28,000 for the new Proton Iswara Aeroback) and hope it lasts me for the next 5 years and we will see what car Proton models are available for me then. Cheers mate!


Unknown said…
Yo Dude. My 30 year old mercedes outperforms my 5 year old wira anytime.
Long time have not caught up with you. I am in Sri Lanka on a project, but back to Kuching in January.
We must catch up then.
Yo Bro...that Mercs of yours is sure worth its green bucks :) i will look u up this Jan then for your 'Runaway Train' song :)
cyrildason said…
Hmmm.... whatever is said... Malaysian cars are still the cheapest around.. So, i'm now thinking of a second hadn MyVi, Kelisa or Kenari..
My Iswara is good enough.
Cars are just something to take you from A to B. Unless you wanna be in style, then go for the MERC, AUDI or BMEER...
Unknown said…
I drive an Iswara LMST and it's just fine. Considering that it costs 28K these days, it's quite good value for money if you don't mind driving an older type of car.

I personally think that the Persona is a pretty decent car. I went to look at a M-Line model up close and came away quite impressed.

I hope the QA for this model is better than the usual Proton standard and to be fair, so far I've heard no serious complaints about the Persona.