Congrats Kakibasikal!

Kakibasikal Gets Married

Nadai Nama Nama have to Congratulate Abraham aka Kakibasikal on his recent decision to take that big step into marriagedom. It is really a big and important decision as he proceeds to end his life of singledom. Though I may be a bit late in wishing him all the best - with all these crazy things happening around me, I must take this opportunity to wish Kakibasikal all the best in entering a new phase of Pluralism. Yes, you came into this world singular and it is hope the pluralistic nature will result in a synergy soon of 1 + 1 = 3 or 4 or 5 soon aka Kakibasikal junior or juniors..... its an exciting phase that you will be entering. One that will truly challenge your skills in going through the different phases....from being a son, brother, cousin, friend, colleague, lover of someone to becoming a 'husban' and 'son in law'....and next to come becoming a 'father'. Yeap ... a toast to you and may this new chapter open up new opportunities and adventures!


Hahaha! Thanks for the greetings!
Anonymous said…
ohh thank bro Desmond, baru ku nemu Kakibasikal get married, hehe.