I Have Freedom!

A Sense of Freedom

Basically that is how it felt when I recieved news from the higher ups that the launching of the Sarawak Development Corridor - also known as the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy will be put to another date. I do not think that is restricted information as the announcement that it was supposed to take place on 13 November 2007 has been earlier made in the Borneo Post on 29th October 2007. After piling in extra hours and energy at least there will be a breather with this postponement. The preparation was really a test of mental and physical stamina trying to meet the deadline. I can say there is a moment of relief and another one is a feeling of disappointment after seeing everyone from the top level down to the normal office boy slave the extra hours to make the event possible. I am sure there are good reasons for this but well, life goes on. It sure took the thrill out of me as everyone was coordinating towards that moment when our Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Abdullah Badawi will launch Sarawak's own Corridor.

The Bintulu Promenade - the proposed launch site lays quite for the time being

Its an ardous task trying to relay the message to everyone who are in the task force. Informing them one by one was rather hard. But I believe we are working on a new date which means more breathing space as the preparations were actually 90% complete. It just needed to wait for the word "Go!" and we would have put up a good show. But that's how it is folks - we are used to these last minute changes. Pending the announcement of another date, I must now cherish this brief moment of freedom.

Getting Freedom

So maybe I should see how I should do with this freedom that I have for the next few days before they decide on the new date. Returning home late at night I dropped by at the next door Seven Eleven shop looking haggard and tired. And presto! I found Freedom! Something for me to tinker this next few days.

I would not get to feel this Freedom

After experiencing the vulnerability of Credit Cards (as posted in my Digital Robbery post) the image of this EON Freedom Debit Card sold at Seven eleven caught my attention. I suppose this will be a good stuff for my over actived mind to chew on. Thanks to Dunstan aka Borneo Guy for the suggestion to use Debit Card in that post.

It costs RM25 to get at your Seven Eleven store. It may be cheaper to get it from EON Bank itself

The package comes with a lot of interesting offers - RM150 vouchers IMAX Theatres, Cosmo World etc.

Its a start for aspiring online netpreneurs to see how they can earn money via the Internet. This is because it supports withdrawal via the Auto Teller Machine. Some bloggers are using it for their PayPal Account. You can earn money from Planet Pulse which offers rewards for your feedbacks. Pretty tempting eh? It says it will take ten days to activate upon sending the form and you can wait for the bank's helpline to call you to activate the card (so in total it costs RM25 for the card at Seven Eleven and to activate it will cost an additional RM15). Here are some experiences in using the EON Freedom Debit Card from Andrew Raj, Wayne Liew and Sabahan.com Pay Pal experiences. Reading their blogs and responses from readers, I do see some hitches in EON Bank's customer service. I believe it will get better over time and well, its going to be a lot cheaper to use in the future because you will be using the money that you have and not the money that you do not have (Credit Cards). If only the rewards in using the debit cards are made as atractive (giving points and discounts for every purchase that is).

That's about all at the moment about the Freedom I have. I will be waiting for the possibilities that await me for using it. Time to phase out those Credit Card debts so that I can put money in my soon to be Debit Card!

Freedom with I-Mobile 310 MP3 Phone

They say that the smaller it is, the more freedom you enjoy. I believe that is true in the case of handphones. Sometimes during my regular jogging sessions I had to look for something could be fitted in my jogging shorts to make sure I am not out of communication range. I came across the I-Mobile 310 MP3 Phone and fell in love with it instantly. Its everything that a communication phone should be minus the MMS capability and camera. Anyway after owning a 3G phone which was quite bulky (and bloody expensive! for surfing) I saw no use for the 3G capaility in Sarawak at the moment. Sad to say 3G still sucks here so I will be playing around with my little small toy for a while and enjoy the freedom.

Size matters when it comes to Freedom

MP3, FM Radio and telephone at the same time - and yet small!

Yea.....no more bulky bulges in my pockets!


cyrildason said…
never liked small phones.. but love slim ones.. My fingers are too big to use the small tiny buttons..
Uchu Keling said…
Any website for the debit card?
Mizz Coki said…
Hmmm.. now this reminds me of my old Panasonic GD55. very tiny and difficult to sms too haha!
Borneoguy.com said…
Waaaaaaa didn't realized you took my advice that day hehe ^_^
Anonymous said…
I once start using NexG from Ambank but stop using it when I applied for my Affin Bank Debit card and approved. So I lost RM 25 for purchasing the card also at 7 Eleven. With this type of card one can control spending since, the purchasing power is limited to the balance in your account.