Arbor Day 2007

Men and Trees

Arbor Day in Sarawak was celebrated in the usual manner of tree planting which was led by Sarawak's First Lady Yang Amat Bahagia Puan Sri Dr. Hajjah Laila Taib. The event was held at the Samajaya Industrial zone, which I agree is quite a barren area and needs some more trees to spuce it up.

Sarawak's First Lady about to plant the Rain Tree or its scientific name Samanea Seman.

The First Lady shows the way its done

In her speech (Borneo Post 13 Nov 2007) she targetted at a few utility companies which could not care less about the trees, cutting the trees when installing the infrastructure. To quote her "Our TELEKOM and SESCO men have to be taught how to plant trees." Ouch! I would say it does not need to refer to the Telekom or Sesco men only. For most men if gardening is not one of their hobbies, they should be singled out too. Get all the men there to plant some trees and show some love to Mother Nature.

Exceptional Men During Tree planting

Here are just some pictures of the exceptional things that men are good at:

Augustus here shows that men can be highly skilled at doing two things at one time. So if you see men are only good at talking in their handphones only (especially with the low call rates now), introduce tree planting to them

Wallace here shows that to be able to plant trees, you need some good fashion sense. Make it exciting by wearing designer jeans, collar t-shirt, traditional hat and an extra umbrella to protect yourself from the Ultra Violet rays. This is really important as they are set out to plant five to ten trees.

Some men make themselves useful by making sure that mobile public toilets are well guarded. This is to make sure the toilets don't go missing while the others are planting trees. So when you feel that there is a need to 'go and release your burden' you will have a feeling of security knowing that these guys are out there for you


Anonymous said…
bmhbpwekLOL...funny 2 c d 1st Lady promoting plantin more trees wer d 1st Man is bz choppin off d trees...funny...
cyrildason said…
Hahaha.. we also do the same here in school.. heheh