Kenyalang Interchange

My April 2006 post on the big Hornbill or Kenyalang showed how wrong I was about saying farewell to my favourite metal statue. Yup...the Kenyalang is back to where it belongs, thanks to Global Upline. Which is why the Right Honourable Prime Minister and Sarawak's Pehin Sri Chief Minister named the BDC Interchange to the Kenyalang Interchange during the official launching speech.

The Kenyalang Statue stands proudly at the BDC Roundabout

After reading Uchukeling's blog about the Prime Minister's visit to Miri, I have to admire our Prime Minister's ability to withstand the tight travelling schedule. Right after the end of the United Malay National Union's Assembly on the 9th November 2007, he hopped over to Sabah to attend the Parti Bersatu Sabah's meeting and also Liberal Democratic Party's meeting and then proceeded to Miri on 12th November 2007. Taking into account that he is not as young as I am and for someone my age attending one function is enough to drain me out.

Which is why I will never be able to see myself as (1) a Prime Minister or anything associated with travelling and giving speeches (b) An Angkasawan as no amount of pressure will make me go into a space capsule. But there is nothing wrong in setting high standards for oneself. Not too high lah... if some people want to climb Mount Everest, I'll settle for Mount Kinabalu. So it also means I won't be able get to be (c) Tan Sri Datuk Paduka (Dr) Ting Phek Kiing. He can complete an Interchange in less than one and half years while it takes years for me to clean by room! Which is why the leaders were so full of praise for him in their speeches.

The launching of the BDC Interchange - name has been changed to Kenyalang Interchange - the picture above has been digitally modified I guess coz the land that the Kenyalang is sitting on is not that 'green', but I'll bet Global Upline will change that in weeks

The Four Points by Sheraton Hotel will be just 5 minutes away from the Airport and 10 minutes from my house in BDC. I am thinking of switching jobs already! Why not? Hmmmm....

The launching was almost spoiled by the rain as the Prime Minister's plane was unable to take off from Kuching due to the bad weather in Kuching. The weather was fine after a few minutes and the event was delayed by 45 minutes but that did not dampen the spirit of the people who attended the launching.

Arrival of the Prime Minister, Chief Minister was greeted by Tan Sri Datuk Paduka himself

I stayed away from the swarm of overzealous photographers - even the tough guys guarding the Prime Minister had a tough time. Wierd people, that's what I'll call them.

As usual, the event started out with speeches

And there was praises by our Chief Minister for Dato Sri Samy Vellu which is why he is smiling

And more speeches by the Prime Minister

Finally the launching event came - which I captured via You Tube. It will be available at the end of this blog.

The launching of the Kenyalang Interchange was made significant by the release of some 3000 balloons which was a spectacular sight

Global Upline Director Mohamed Danel Abong signs the memorandum for the new hotel that is set to come up in BDC

After that there was a mini show of maps and development models of Sarawak's Central Corridor Development - future Global Upline projects in the offing? If he can do it in 12 months why not?

Video on the launching of the Kenyalang Interchange - sometimes its much more better to focus on simple launching gimmicks. One too many gimmicks can be distracting. Some think its the balloon first while the Prime Minister was focusing so much on the screen

I must say bravo to Global Upline again. At least you got the Kenyalang to fly again - it rhymes with thier company's motto:

We Can! Its very inspiring! So Tan Sri Ting - got any vacancy for me ah? I also can mah :)


Uchu Keling said…
Eh.. I thought the Bomoh was around to chase away the rain.

Correction, PM flew back to KL from Sabah, and fly in to Miri on Monday afternoon.
Anonymous said…
Sheraton?? cool
cyrildason said…
Hmmm.. Kenyalang interchange sounds kind of weird....

I guess it will still be called BDC Flyover for quite sumtime..

But then again.. Kenyalang Interchange brings out the uniqueness of Sarawak.

Anyway, i though this interchange was opened earlier... or maybe that was the soft opening? Im not sure.
Uchu Keling said…
They have so many ways and terms to do it. In Miri, we call it Drive Through, Flag Off and recently Official Launching.

If the Agong's gonna do it, then we will certainly term it as The Royal Salute!