Kanang Anak Langkau

Nadai Nama Nama pays tribute to a Malaysian Hero

The late Datuk Temenggong Kanang Anak Langkau leading a traditional procession in a ceremony (early September 2012) at Samarahan

BBM message from James about Kanang's passing

On my first day of resuming work I receive sad news that one of our true Malaysian hero had passed away today. Much has been written about him ~ just Google his name Kanang Anak Langkau, The images are plenty also in the web, mostly of him donning his army uniform and that famous battle cry 'Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban' (As long as I am Alive, I shall Fight On) rings repeatedly in the mind.

What should I say about this man whom I met when I started serving in Sri Aman four years ago (2008).  Before that I just read about him in the papers mostly during National Day and during Hari Pahlawan occasion. I never expected to meet him personally. Furthermore, with all the accolades that he has received,  one would expect him to be a proud person and requires some protocol to address. During our first encounter I was surprised that the late Kanang was a simple and easy going person. We will always meet one another near Sri Aman's Magnum and Sports Toto coffee shop over a cup of coffee. I would call him by his first name and he would call me tuan which I never got used to till now. He will be using his favourite white round neck t-shirt. I have read most of his heroic deeds and stories so we skip that part of the story and talked about other things ~ the food, benak etc in Sri Aman. I was glad that he was granted the title Temenggong (Iban Paramount Chief) making it more comfortable for me to address him every time we meet at the Sri Aman Resident Office. In September 2011, he was given the Datukship which he so fittingly deserved.

Datuk Temenggong Kanang Anak Langkau (in yellow batik) at the background during Pesta Benak 2010 launching and also during the officiating of Taman Panorama Benak in April 2010~ this was the year that he was to receive his Temenggong title from the State Government

Datuk Temenggong Kanang Anak Langkau (right) during Pesta Benak 2011 seated with the VIPs

Datuk Temenggong Kanang Anak Langkau being interviewed by Majalah Tiga Crew during Pesta Benak 2011

A cheery hero and example we will  certainly miss

Nadai Nama Nama salutes the late Datuk Temenggong Kanang Anak Langkau. He left too early as this year Sarawak will be celebrating 50 Years Merdeka in Malaysia celebrations. We will miss the smile and the simple man he is. Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban is his spirit and he did not retire there when he was appointed the Ketua Masyarakat (chief grassroot leader with the title Temenggong) and a campaigner for development and social welfare of the people in Sri Aman. A spirit which Nadai Nama Nama sees as Agi Idup Agi Berkhidmat, serving loyally to the last breath. A true hero and noble example. 

Goodbye Sir. It has been an Honour to Serve with You even for a while.