Happy New Year 2013

Happy 2013 from Nadai Nama Nama

The ushering of the new year was done as it has been done every year and that was with our family gathering. The arrival of 2013 felt quite long and I just manage to scrape into 2013 as we had started the party early with my sister's wedding one week earlier.

So what is it with these New Year that we keep celebrating every twelve months, 365 days year in and year out? In Malaysia there are many religious and traditional new years (Chinese New Year, Awal Muharram, Vaisakhi, Gawai Dayak ) we get to celebrate but the Gregorian year is the widely accepted civil calender observed. This may be why if anyone in this country plans to make new year resolutions they really need to consider many options. It is not easy to stick to. Since being introduced to the word 'resolution' I have been listing mine almost every year (for more than 20 years). The list keeps getting longer not because there are more new goals to achieve. Most of the goals are the same as before. Its just that the list becomes longer as its extended with lengthy action plans and also contingency plans.....plan A, Plan B, Option 1, Option xyz.

With this in mind I have decided to stick with one resolution only this year....thats right JUST ONE.... and that is more on Weight Distribution. I notice that this resolution about dieting keeps appearing in my list since I watched Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Commando' movie where he showed off his muscles. Now the other resolutions can wait, because with the present circumstances, it will be impossible to accomplish.  For example my 'No alcohol' goal for many years ago became, 'stick to wine only', and then 'stick to wine and liquor (whiskey) only', later it became 'stick to wine, any liquor and a little beer' over the years and finally to 'try not to get a hangover'. The other one is of course about money, which is the 'financially independent' resolution. This again will be dropped in 2013 as I have yet to strike that Sports Toto Jackpot. Maybe I would have a better chance if I try to win a gold medal in the Olympics but lets wait until Rio Olympics comes around shall we?

So, jokes aside, I feel my weight distribution resolution very important to consider.Some may say its a small matter but I cannot afford to renew my wardrobe as my shirts and pants seem to shrink. No wonder weight reducing programmes/products are so laku  and intensively advertised on lamp posts along the city roads. Our Health Minister keeps harping on it also as it affects the nation's well being. I feel I will be contributing to the country's productivity and prosperity.

Weight Distribution is not the same as dieting or slimming down as one need to also monitor one's health vital signs inside rather from just looking good outside. If you feel its an easy task to lose weight with so many festivals and new years distributed throughout 365 days, just wish me luck on this resolution. The year has just started and we see where it will lead to. Happy 2013 everyone and cheers.


Coffee Girl said…
Happy New Year! Good luck with the weight distribution resolution! I shd start doing the same.