Steering into Cyberspace

Will Internet and Social Media Affect Sarawakians in 2013?

Going into 2013 with a Vrooom with my Social Media Dashboard at desmondjerukan [dot]com!

In his Forbes article Why 2012 was not the year of Social Business or Social Media, Hadyn Shaughnessy hit the nail on the head when he spoke about the need to balance between real life and web life. With that in mind one wonders with the thousands of apps for your mobile device be it your iPad, iPhone, Android devices, there may be truth in it. The development of the mobile devices in actual fact were supposed to make our lives easier, save us from the queue and allow us to enjoy the convenience of online transactions  (banking, shopping, job hunting) minus the hassle. You will have apps that are supposed to make you productive in your daily work ~ those thousand apps for emails, calendars, reminders, organisers and many more. That web in fact makes social online life more addictive as you try to catch up on the inspiring photos posted by someone a thousand miles away or gasp at some news of a recent Hollywood breakup or latest political mudslinging.

Image from All Things Jazzy

Bane or Boon in Sarawakian setting? The Internet, the social media life, the mobile gadgets that is in your hands right now..... is it making your life better or is it a curse? Which is why I choose to explore the realms of social media life through my own web domain Desmond Jerukan Dot Com. It will not be a finding but a journey of discovery. The end result of technology is supposed to mean a better standard of living, a better quality of life. Is that device you are peering into now making making you a better person in real life or are you like a zombie in drowned virtual reality.