Kanang Hero Sebenar

Our True Hero: Kanang Anak Langkau

Datuk Temenggong Anak Langkau @ Bujang Berani has left us. He was accorded a State funeral with full  military honour which he would be proud of if he was watching from Heaven above.

However he would not have been happy to read about a certain blog which picked on him and belittling his achievements. I myself was quite infuriated when I read it. These are the type of people who should be blamed for giving bloggers a bad name. Gone are the early days of blogging where one enjoys reading the local blogs. Those days blogs were for leisurely reading, for sharing of knowledge and just for fun. During my freshie blogging years many moons ago, the blog was a place to exchange ideas, excite the mind and discuss current issues constructively. The interactivity feature was considered an attraction at that time and comments need no serious moderation.

This however changed when the blogging world met politicians.....or rather, the politicians discovered the blog. They suddenly changed its function into one that is akin to a flesh eating zombie, spewing hate from the fingertips and devouring the indecisive minds so as to win votes. It is a sad state actually, for instead of being a platform for constructive communication, the blog has become a political vehicle to run down people, parties or ideas you do not like.

Nonetheless whoever the culprit behind that insulting blog maybe, we have to accept the fact that the person may not be some pea brain blogger, as the tune of the blog is written intelligently with negative tone. It takes a thief to know a thief, it takes a blogger to know a blog and intention behind it. It could be one author or a group of authors, whose agenda was to purposely make us react the way we did ~ angry, make police reports. There will still be no way to discover these cowards due to the slackness in enforcing our cyber laws . These culprits and faceless perpetrators will forever rule the Internet without any fear and sense of responsibility.

Nadai Nama Nama (NNN) is also reacting but in a different manner as I hope to show that Kanang Anak Langkau is a true Malaysian Hero. During Pesta Benak 2012 in Sri Aman, he spoke of the importance of unity among Malaysians in an interview by Majalah Tiga crew. So in response, NNN's video pay tribute to our true hero. I assembled some videos I have taken and images taken from the Internet. I am unable to acknowledge everyone so NNN wishes to thank you all as this is done for our Hero.He has fought the country's enemies gallantly and symbolically embodies the story of Malaysia's good versus evil. He represents the great warriors and their heroism which makes this country enjoy the peace and harmony we experience till now. Without such sacrifices, that blogger who laments about expensive funerals, would not be able to enjoy the freedom they have now. So what price do these slime suckers want to put on that? In exchange for his life which Kanang almost lost, what would be their price tag? As Ghaz Ghazali states in his column Tauk Sik in The Star's Be Opinionated, Not Offensive they should be called paloi. I agree a thousand percent.....in Iban I will call them belik and tuyok which carries similiar meaning.

Now, even in death he continues to inspire us, for his heroism has brought us together as Malaysians to mourn his loss. Many a times the casket in which he travels to his resting place, was adorned by the colours of the Jalur Gemilang, the State flag, Armed Forces and one white flag with a crucifix sign. Imagine the hornbill, the Crescent, Keris and Cross side by side representing a peaceful and prosperous Malaysia. In the Saint Thomas Church, Malaysians of different beliefs band together to pray according to their own faith to bid him farewell. In going to the Heroes Grave, one gets to see thousands of Malaysians accompanying the coffin carried by the Armed Forces pall bearers represented by the Ground, Air and Navy. 

The blog that speaks negatively of our hero serves as a warning of the various forms of disguise the agents of instability can take. Our enemies are now are within ourselves. Kanang has shown us this real threat and that we should not be defeated by them. An enemy that spins hatred and lies to create chaos and disunity. One that will destroy the existing harmony that exists, the mutual respect we have for one another as Sarawakians, Malaysians, and we bloggers ~ citizens of the borderless internet world. All of us have a role to play to maintain this coexistence which these enemies want to destroy. It is up to us now for Kanang will be up there as Heaven now needs our Hero. As put by Brigadier General Stephen Mundaw when he spoke of Kanang at the funeral service "Death can only take what we have in the past, but it cannot take away what we are".

God Bless.