Farewell Kanang Anak Langkau

Final salute for the hero as his coffin arrives at the Heroes Grave

Today is a sad day as the Malaysian much known hero Datuk Temenggong Kanang Anak Langkau is laid to rest at the Heroes Grave, Taman Budaya Kuching. The public paid their last respect to the hero at the Civic Centre Kuching on the whole day of the 5th January 2013 and the morning of the 6th January 2013. Briefly for extra information on the funeral just now its reported at The Malaysian Digest.

Members of the public paying their last respect at the Kuching Civic Centre

Condolence Wreaths filled the Kuching Civic Centre

Rain and Tears

On Sunday afternoon (6th January 2013) the late Datuk Kanang Langkau was laid to rest at the Heroes Graves Kuching in full military honour. The casket carrying the last surviving recipient of the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), Malaysia's highest award for bravery, was brought to the Saint Thomas Cathedral for the final funeral rites before proceeding to the burial ground. Before the end of he service it rained heavily as if to show that the country and the people of Sarawak shedding their tears for our hero's final journey. The casket was carried by eight pall-bearers made up of first warrant officers (PWI) representing the three services in the Armed Forces (MAF) led by PWI Michael Awie.

Saint Thomas Cathedral Kuching ~ (Heaven Wept) it was bright one moment and it rained heavily suddenly at the end of the funeral prayers service

Rev Fr Michael Buma Galami who performed the prayers shared this poem 'Never Give Up' with all who attended:

Poem - Never Give Up

Never give up! It is wiser and better
Always hope, than once to despair;
Fling off the load of doubt's cankering fetter,
And break the spells of tyrannical care.

Never give up! or the burdens make sink you;
Providence kindly has mingled the cup,
And in all trials and troubles bethink you,
The watch word of life must be, Never Give Up!

Never Give Up! There re chances and changes
Helping the hopeful a hundred to one;
And through the chaos High Wisdom arranges
Ever, success if you'll only hope on

Never Give Up! for the wisest is boldest
Knowing that Providence mingles the cup
And of all maxims the best, as the oldest,
Is the true watchword, Never Give Up!

Never Give Up! Though the grape shot may rattle,
Or the full thunder-cloud over you burst;
Stand like a rock, and the storm and the battle,
Little shall harm you, though doing their worst,

Never Give Up! If Adversity presses,
Providence wisely has mingled the cup,
And the best counsel in all your distresses,
Is the stout watchword, Never Give Up!

The watchword of our hero and man of valour,
is Never Give Up, Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

Casket arrives at the Heroes Grave from the church

Pall bearers carrying the casket to the burial site

Rev Fr Michael Buma Galami performing the last rites before burial

Lowering of the casket for the last time

He will be remembered every Heroes Day ~ an occasion where was always present to honour the heroes who have gone. Now he is in the company of heroes. Rest in Peace Sir, it has been an honour serving with you.