Wedding Joy Brodie & Donna

Grand entrance by the wedding couple

The Registration

With Marriage Registrar Mr. Y.K Foo at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara office in Sibu on 20 Dec 2012

The countdown to Christmas 2012 was quite meaningful for me. Firstly we survived the Mayan end of days prediction on 21 December 2012. It means we get to celebrate Christmas in a very meaningful way starting with my sister's wedding. The marriage registration was held on 20 December 2012 just before the 'end of the world' date and dinner reception on 23rd December 2012. So we have got the two dates spectrum covered to prove that love is all around and can withstand the Mayan prediction.

The Reunion

The wedding reception and upcoming Christmas celebrations always means its time for family get together, especially meeting the family who come back from all over be it within Sarawak or outside

This year it is considered a meaningful year for our family gathering as mostly everyone is able to make it back to Sibu. Its the type of get together that everyone is looks forward to be a part of, as Gawai this year not everyone was able to make it to the family reunion. It will be certainly a time for fun and sharing of stories to catch up with one another before the year closes. Moreover the preparation for the wedding had everyone chipping in their energy and creativity to make the event a success. With many guests expected to join in the celebration everyone threw in their expertises like seasoned wedding planners in areas such as ~ deco, food testing, guest lists, table layout, design, montage, photo shoots and video recordings etc.

The Wedding Dinner Reception

Backdrop for Brodie & Donna wedding. Unknown to all it was one of the things that we forgot to prepare in the early stage and thankfully with some quick thinking ideas on the actual day, everything came out all right.

Food.......yum yummy.

Another thing that we will never get enough of this season is the food, the food and more food. Restaurant dishes is one thing but the other is mum's home cooking. With so many dishes to choose from, it is wise to try just a small portion if you are on a strict diet. If you find you like it you can just take another portion bigger than the last. If you still like some more remember you can just accept the fact that diet plans in most circumstances are seldom successful and you can attempt to dieting in 2013. After all its just a few days away.

Starting off the mood with a live love song from the Masterpiece band

Guests from both sides of the families in full attendance coming from all over ~ in and outside of Sarawak

All in the family ~ toast with the VVIPs

Cake cutting ceremony

Cake tasting time

Champagne goes popping and you can see everyone's expression

Toast to the bride and groom was led by YB Dato' Joseph Salang Gandum, the Federal Deputy Minister for Information Communication and Culture

The Wedding Party

The wedding party was spiced up with the presence of well known artistes (clockwise: Gabriel Fairuz Louis, 'Mama Rock' Rosiana Urai and the Masterpiece band) who went up to the stage to entertain the guests at the dinner

Pyred band also performed with some dance numbers which provided some beat for the guests to shake and dance the night away

Dances like joget, poco-poco, joget and sumazau (anak kampung mode) were complimented with the songs of the same tune by talented guests

Malaysian Wedding Experience

The party ended on the dot 12 midnight and from the look of it the guests had fun throughout the event. Chet Wah and Steve Hall who joined the event all the way from New Zealand were surprisingly 'sober'.

So when the wedding dinner reception concluded and the guests make (some staggered) their way back home, one thing for sure to surmise will be the wedding was a rich cultural make up of Malaysia's uniqueness. Most of the speeches went in Iban language, the wedding protocol was Western in nature, multi ethnic guests came dressed up in multi-colours, the restaurant was Chinese with oriental menu being served to the tune of Korean Oppa Ganggnam style. Its quite a sight really because one will not be able to make out if its an Iban wedding or otherwise at first glance. 

Finally its time to wish the bride and the groom, a Happy Wedding and as the older brother I wish you two well and may you grow in love day by day. God Bless.