Pray for Connecticut School Victims

This image is being displayed in most news agencies like CNN and local news network.

A young boy is comforted outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, December 14, 2012. A shooter opened fire at the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday, killing several people including children, the Hartford Courant newspaper reported. REUTERS/Michelle McLoughlin


Today my blog will dedicate this song to the innocent children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Someone dressed in black fatigues, military vest, walked into the school on Friday with guns and started firing away. Its truly a sad moment as innocent lives once again are lost. The last time I felt this way was during the school children massacre in Beslan Russia on 1st September 2004. 331 people died including 186 children and more than 700 were injured on that day.

This time almost 30 are dead at the Sandy Hook Elementary School Connecticut and 20 of them are children. Sometimes I can't understand the cruelty that we, calling ourselves humans, are capable of. The recent local abuse case of a young 3 years old boy by his step father posted in you tube saw what the evil heart can do. The rippling effect in the US can be felt as I watched CNN's hourly report like i did in 2004. As the numbers of the death toll kept increasing my heart missed a few beats.

The ever famous question that will ring continuously in our head ~ Why? Why? Why? Of course the gunman is already dead and that question will never be answered but again we ask Why target the innocent? Why? Why? Why? What is there to prove? As the story unfolds we will see pictures of the innocent victims, which I could not bear to see. As I turn off the television and website, that 'Why' still resonates silently in the mind, my ears and heart. The American President requested his countrymen to pray and offer support to the victims and their families. Nadai Nama Nama feels compelled to do the same even though it is several oceans apart. With Christmas just around the corner and the meaning of family get together events, the absence of someone close to your heart during these moments tend to tear you apart. Knowing that Christmas presents would have been already planned and bought for them. So to the families of the children and teachers whose lives have been robbed from their loved ones, we offer our prayers.

God Bless.


NTGravity said…
I hear you... I felt the same way... I just dont understand why must kills... This shooter even kills his motherat thay school and.his father earlier at home... What cause the hatred... Just left as question...