Christmas Trees in Kuching

With Christmas just days away, a few events have passed by to mark the countdown. The recent winding up of the Dewan Undangan Negeri 17th Session last November included the Ahli Yang Berhormats (Legislative Assembly Members) wishing one another a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013, a Christmas Charity dinner and weddings.

Sarawak (and Sabah if I may say) is seen as unique in this regards as we have large community of Christmas holidays celebrating communities (thats a mouhful word). They are no strangers to the 'Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas' holler of the famous Santa Claus and are used to the 'A Child is Born' hymns irregardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds. As the idea of Santa Claus may be unacceptable to some quarters (reason that he dilutes the real meaning of Christ's birth) to the wearing Santa's cap, what may I ask is left untouched of the Christmas spirit? I am zeroing in on the Christmas tree of course.

Click to enlarge this wonderful view (Christmas tree in front of Plaza Merdeka, Kuching)

Much akin to the 1Malaysia logos and symbols one sees around, the presence of Christmas trees functions as a fun reminder that Christmas is near. They become part of the decos in shopping complexes, more so to beef up sales accompanied by catchy Christmas songs. Homes will also have these trees of various shapes and sizes lighted up with dizzying blinking lights.

Christmas Tree at tHe Spring as seen across the road

Now back to Nadai nama Nama's topic. So how does Kuching fare this year with regards to Christmas 2012 mood. Moving around the City at random, I usually like to associate this City with the cat due to its name, and I immediately headed to that famous cat statue near the Padungan roundabout. It is usually decorated to coincide with meaningful occasions and festivals. However this year it failed to shine so I won't feature it in this blog....not this week anyway unless some spark of creativity improves its appearance. That kitty there now just looks....duh....dull.

Up close and personal with the Christmas Tree at tHe Spring

Two notable large and tall Christmas trees have been put up in the public for drumming up the mood. One I manage to see is the multi-corporate sponsored tree at tHe Spring Kuching and the other one is the X Pax sponsored tree in front of Plaza Merdeka, Kuching. Its colourful nature can be appreciated mostly at night when its lighted up. I have yet to get the one in Pullman Hotel Kuching as its worth mentioning due to its charitable nature. I will try to get that in an Instangram soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 (in front of Plaza Merdeka)

So people, amidst this Armageddon hype on 21 Dec 2012 that people keep talking about, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hopefully I can get to say that on Christmas day too.