Congratulations Keegan & Sandra

Rock & Roll Wedding With Keegan & Sandra

Recently I attended Keegan Peter and Sandra Jutim's wedding at the Riverside Hotel in Kuching. I wish to take this opportunity to wish the lovely pair a Happy Wedding and may your Love reign forever.

The couple managed to say a few words to their relatives and friends who attended and the message was loud and clear. The bride stressed that the night dinner was to be a celebration of love. The groom simply put it this way 'Enjoy all you can tonight and I will be your friend for life'. And that was what the guests who attended the wedding did ~ they had a rocking good dance party at Keegan and Sandra's wedding. Of course there were many Oohaa toasts and wishes but I figured nothing beats a true life Elvis fan who sang his heart out with The King of Rock and Roll's number ~ Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes. You will see what I mean in this short YouTube video I managed to capture (best viewed at 360p above Quality).

Good to view 'Elvis' in action at Quality 360p above if using PC

Honestly at my age, my knees won't be able to take those shake, rattle and roll punishment. I asked how I may address him and he mentioned 'Just call me Sylvester Ragam'....i hope i got that right as the music was so loud in the background. I managed to do a simple twist with him just before the end of the wedding (luckily someone's video cam was not working that night ~ *wink* Wallace). As I crawled out of the hotel  on the way home, breathless, that good ole Elvis fan was still rocking the night away.

Anyway, Congratulations to Keegan Peter and Sandra. Bravo to your speeches that night. May you glow in Love and live happily forever after and Merry Christmas 2012.


Mizz Coki said…
Hahhahahah.. udah palau Lebis nyo arr...
White Suede Shoes yo!