Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas 2012 from Nadai Nama Nama

Recently (on 7 December 2012) I attended the Iban Methodist Church of Kuching City Charity Event at the Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre (CWEC). It was a fun filled event which was made more purposeful with the presence of the Minister of Social Development for Sarawak YB Tan Sri William Mawan anak Ikom who contributed a significant amount to the charity fund. 

The event kicked off the Christmas mood in style with a few spiritual songs and also famous Xmas songs. Other church congregations from around Kuching attended with contributions also from as far as Miri. The young and old had their fair share of fun, songs and dances while the children acted out the meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ, they were equally excited about Santa Claus and his presents. Its one of acceptance with both significant figures co existing which make the celebration more meaningful. Honestly I have sat down with many individuals who try to share with me the real meaning of Christmas, arguing about the existence of reindeer and elves or some toy factories in the North Pole. Some quoted human creativity being guilty of making this Santa character in Habakkuk 2:18 'Human creativity, like all of God’s gifts, can be abused by sinful human beings, and used to dishonour him rather than serve him.' 

But I argued that I do not see anything wrong with it as the only thing that is forbidden in related verses is replacing God with idols for worship. The only thing that Santa Claus has done so far is to shout 'Ho!Ho! Ho!' and telling us that we better not be naughty. Other than that I can't see anything devious about this Santa fella. I am scared that one day some people may start off with condemning the Christmas tree. Anyway let's not get carried away about this subject on this holiday (or holy day) season and put in some extra melody arrangements in our celebrations ~ that poco-poco element. So here goes: