Thomas & Ariene

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs Thomas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr. and Mrs Thomas Geoffrey Kandawang a Happy Wedding which was held in Sri Aman at the Dewan Suarah on 21 May 2010. I did not manage to put this pictures up earlier as the pre Gawai Celebrations mode and the Balik Kampung preparations has alreadykicked in making it harder to tinker with my blog. But there is nothing more happier than to start the Gawai mode with a wedding. A Love Story is worth celebrating esepcially if its a mixed marriage. Thomas and Ariene both work at the Sri Aman Resident Office and I was happy to be able to join their celebration. Credit should go to YB Datuk Francis Harden and his team of Community Leaders who facilitated this union. Mr. Thomas who hails from Saratok and Miss Ariene Ting Ling Ling from Sri Aman made sure that they observed local customs from each other's community before proceeding to walk down the wedding aisle. It was not that hard as Sri Aman is well known for mixed marriages. One need only go to the Registration Department in Sri Aman to see the various Marriage forms being displayed there to realise that 1Malaysia is alive and well in Sri Aman, or Sarawak for that matter..

The wedding cake

The wedding couple with the deco as background

The "happy wedding couple closed up".

The wedding couple rendering a pretty number "Wonderful Tonight" on stage

The honourable guests being invited includes YB Datuk Francis Harden, the Assistand Minister fot Land Development, Tuan Resident Abang Shamshudin Banag Seruji, Mr. Jerome Runggol who is YB Datuk's private secretary and the various Community Leaders.

Our honourable guest, YB Datuk Francis Harden sportingly rendered a Chinese 'love song' for the lovely couple.

Once again I congratulate Thomas and Ariene for this special occassion. Happy Gawai Lelabi!


Wedding is one of the best moments in one's life.
Coffee Girl said…
Thomas dah kawin duhal. :-) My UM-mate. wondered where he went. Tahniah tahniah. Kecik dunia,