Going Kojak

Thank You!

First and foremost I wish to give my special thanks to Dr. Balamurugan Gurusamy for spurring me on to sacrifice my hair for a good cause. I have never had a RM1000 haircut before. I'll show off my new hairdo to those upcoming Gawai Dayak Kumang Beauty Queens who are also setting their hairs almost at that price tag. Except mine will be without hair. When in my last post I made it a point to publicise the efforts of the Sarawak Children Cancer Society, I had never thought of going one step further to really do away with my hair. But when I went to the Centre and looked at the pictures on the Centre's wall, some of them the present patients and some of those who had passed away due to cancer, I decided to ask my Facebook friends for support. One of them was Dr. Balamurugan, the famed owner of the Planet of the Monyets blog. Though he goes by the name of Monyet King in his postings I informed him I cannot give that kind of name to the organisers or they will shave my heads while being hanged upside down.

Dr. Balamurugan likes to send me his greeting cards from ERE Consulting Group  with special messages including the recent Happy Mother's Day (pretend you do not see monkeys on the card) that I just received. Apart from that he is also my consultant when it comes to Genting Highlands Investments escapades.

The event gets underway with a speech from the organisers of the Go Bald campaign

The Sarawak Bloggers' presence was also overwhelming...yeah yeah I know you have better cameras than me

The first lady of the 2009 Go Bald Campain, Georgette, having a second go at the Go Bald 2010

Dr. Tang Sie Hing having his bald haircut

Balding Experience 1: Its a simple process which takes about 13 minutes to complete ~ its quite meaningful actually as you experience what a child gets to go through when they go for cancer treatment

Balding Experience 2: Sometimes its also good to think about the effects of deforestation by the multi rich timber companies that harvest the trees (your hair) and you get to think how long it takes for the tree to grow again....an alternative to environmental education.

So if a Doctor can do it, a lady can do it and this baby can do it.....I told myself as I looked in the mirror for hours to wish bye bye to my hair....

The before and after look ~ I was suspicious of the guy who was cutting my hair as he made those swishing sound while his hands traveled on my head. I suspect he was playing Man's First Landing on The Moon.

Part of the Borneo Post Article on 17th May 2010 about the Kojak look. It was my Tuan Resident who gave that title when I tried to describe how I would look after the haircut

Though I said in the paper that there is no Iban word for Cancer, I was trying to describe the sign board outside the Sarawak Children Cancer Centre which does not have the Iban word for it. The word is 'riman' and it may be considered for future signboards or if we are not too strict with our lingo, the Bahasa Malaysia 'kanser' can be an alternative so that its easier to talk about the society and the centre when one goes about to Iban longhouses.

Once again i would like to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Balamurugan, Georgette Tan of Borneo Post, the hard working Allen Ang for his effort in being part of the whole show and the Sarawak Bloggers, facebook friends (and my Missus and Shania) also for cheering me on. So if its not too much to ask do drop by at the Sarawak Children Cancer Society or their website to make some donations if that is not too much to ask. Just doing my part in Charity before Gawai 2010 comes. Thank you again.


Monyet King said…
All the credit must go to you. I hardly did anything. BTW, perhaps you want to consider maintaining this look forever ?
The extra push came from you doc :) thanks. When I saw the situation at the Centre I knew that extra RM1k is a lot :) aiyo yo...cannot maintain this look coz one day the hair will naturally vanish..hehe
cyrildason said…
That's not my camera la :P It's Fahriee, and thanks to all the bloggers which balded their head, including you bro...

Due to a lot of obstacles, maybe I should put a high price for my hair next year, and see if I can manage :P

John Goh said…
"1 Malaysia wedding"..........