Go Bald 2010 Campaign

Be Bold In Caring

The Sarawak Bloggers are promoting the Going Bald 2010 Campaign to support the Sarawak Children Cancer's Society effort in raising funds for their activties and a new building. The event will be held at The Spring (South Court) on 16th May 2010. Have a view at the website of the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society and the Go Bald Website to support the campaign. Get a Pledge Card - something like a Joggathon Card which can be used to collect donations. It is definitely a noble cause for those who feel that they can do without their hair for a few weeks. Currently a few famous people are going bald and you can help by donating to their pledge card to support this effort. As a blogger I made a point to drop by at the Sarawak Children Cancer Center to get a clearer picture of the place. It will give those who are asking what the society is all about. The society is mostly made up of volunteers ~ mostly parents of the children who have cancer.

The Go Bald Website promoting the Fight against Cancer. The video in the Go Bald website also provides some facts on the event.

The Sarawak Children Cancer Society is located at Maxwell Road not far across SABERKAS Building.

The location is not something to shout about as it is situated just across a Cemetery and a Coffin shop. The present building used to be a government quarters before was converted for the use of the society.

A small playground donated by the Rotary Club of Kuching South can be seen at the compound of the Sarawak Children Cancer Centre.

The deco on this old government makes a welcome sight for the small patients who comto the City for treatment some as far as Miri and Limbang.

Inside the building, volunteers like Puan Dayang Juliana here can be seen arranging toys donated by students from SMK Green Road to be given to the children cancer patients

Each toy has a small card and the patients' who had wished for them with a simple wish from the donors

The living room houses the office and a mini library with children's story books

The walls are decorated with pictures of children - some who have lost the fight against cancer

The Centre has three rooms with a few beds - for the patients and families. The furnitures are mostly donated. Above is one of the bigger rooms fitted with air condition and air filter to ensure the children who has undergone treatment has a comfortable environment.

Another room fitted with furnitures

Bunker beds for this smaller room

The dream - The Sarawak Children Cancer Society hopes to be able to raise enough funds to build a new building (costing about RM1.8 million) provide after care for the children who are undergoing treatment at the Sarawak General Hospital Kuching.  Those who benefit from this are usually the poorer families from outside Kuching.

A few of the people you may wish to support going bold have opened up a Facebook Account to indicate their wish to grow bold in going balder. Click on their link below to find out who they are and if you wish to give your pledge. Many people may have their say about going bald but if its for a good cause why. "its not professional" I am told by one of my friends but look at people like Dr. Tang Sie Hing. Whatever one has to say, think about the children who has cancer. They did not wish to have it, so Be Bold...Be Very Bald. 


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