Gawai Dayak 2010

Gawai Dayak Sri Aman 2010 Celebrations

Happy Gawai Dayak 2010 from Nadai Nama Nama to its readers. I wish to thank you for staying with me all this while, through the ups and downs. Though I do not usually share the downs as I used to, its part of Nadai Nama Nama's adventure. With Gawai around the corner, I will usually have a lot to share after I recover that is.  In fact Gawai started rather early for me. More so it was during the Sri Aman pre Gawai celebrations on 22nd May 2010 at Dewan Suarah. I am sure most of you have had enough of my Gawai Survival tips in Facebook already by now but there is some more to come. But anyway, thank you for all your support and requests in Facebook especially those of you who met me at the Sri Aman dinner. I did not know I had a big following at in Sri Aman as you look for news about the happenings in this town. And I am glad you all know why I am bald. But still in Facebook i need you to introduce yourself when you make that friend request. Here are some Gawai pictures to share especially of the celebration at the Pre Gawai Dinner.

I'll be bald this Gawai 2010 and its already attracting attention. Happy Gawai 2010 from Nadai Nama Nama.

Sri Aman Pre Gawai Dinner which was held at the Dewan Suarah Sri Aman was organised by the Serakup Indu Dayak Sarawak (SIDS) from Sri Aman

Our table had that honour of being able to taste Sri Aman's No.1 tuak (with the white bear deco)  which was organised during the tuak making competition.

The Honourable guests that night was YB Datuk Francis Harden ak Hollis, the Assistant Minister for Ladn Development Sarawak and the Member of Parliament for Sri Aman YB Tuan Masir Kujat

The Kumangs or Iban maidens Beauty contestants make their grand entrance into the Dewan Suarah

The beauty paegent underway and everyone had their favourites

The YBs had a fun time when the result was announced as they asked those in the Dewan who was going to win the beauty paegent

And finally we have Ms Elizabeth wining the Kumang Gawai Sri Aman 2010 and well, I think the judges were spot on

Winners of the Sri Aman Kumang Gawai 2010

The night went on with the sponsored songs after that and seen here is Mr. Vincent Sawing rendering a dance number

And dance they did, the crowd did not fail the singers

Everyone went up to the dance floor and did their thing.....

Our distinguished patron for the Gawai night also shared with us his favourite number

The guests had the opportunity to show off their singing talents

There was no short of dance talents here if you ask me - they might as well go for the "So you can think you can dance" show

The Gawai spirit was alive in everyone, the guests, dancers and even singers......they put their heart into their song and the crowd put their heart into the dance too was an enjoyable pre Gawai Dayal 2010 celebration and once again I toast with you all, my loyal visitors. I wish you Hapy Holidays and for those celebrating Gawai.....may we enjoy the celebration, Drive Safe and Take Care so that there wiull be more Gawais to come. God Bless.


John Goh said…
Ooha....ha, gayu, guru, gerai, nyamai, selamat hari gawai
Tia said…
love it!

i will for sure shed tons of weight if i use it to go to work!!!