NNN is Four

Fourth October - Post Number Four

"How long have you used Blogspot? Have you tried Wordpress?" That was the conversation I overheard when some computer savvy youngsers attended our Sri Aman Resident Office's Hari Raya Open House today. It seems so easy for these youngsters - switching from one blogging platform to the other. And they were trying to outdo one another. Young hearts can be very competetive - but as long as its a healthy competition. "I have been blogging for more that five years" said another guy. Young people nowadays I said to myself and smiled.

Incidently someone who knew I was a blogger also asked during the function, how long I have been blogging. Hmmm...interesting question. I do not know when I started my first blog outside my present blogger platform. I experimented with the Internet when Internet dial up connection reached Sarawak's shores as early as 1998. But then again I remember Nadai Nama Nama was launched in August 2005 (the domain was bought in June 2009 for fun when the Dot Name domain was introduced). I wanted to blog in Iban language which is why Nadai (to reflect 'empty thoughts'). But my Iban vocabulary is pretty limited and I can't express myself well and thus it transformed into a 'Struggling English' blog. At least the computer can correct my spelling mistakes. So if I refer Nadai Nama Nama as my official platform in actual blogging then it is actually FOUR Years old now. With October being the month of my Forty First birthday, it is time to recognise that my blogging adventure in cyberspace is about FOUR years plus aka about 1500 days to be exact. The earlier years were just experiments with other blogging softwares, unstructured and without focus. At least with Nadai Nama Nama I can be structurally blogging about Nothing ~ if there is such a structure. I guess I have to start somewhere and I do not want it to be complicated as in determining Malaysia's Independence Day - we can forever talk about it till the cow comes home.

So Nadai Nama Nama will have its own history. Digressing a bit about MALAYSIA, I still think it should be the actual day that the word 'MALAYSIA' was recognised by all Malaysians. Talk about "Malaysia" in 31 August 1957 and one will go "huh?". Thus it is the same with Nadai Nama Nama - I will stick with FOUR. Starting something and sustaining it is more important to me. And I hope to go beyond FOUR. Its the same for Malaysia - I pray that we go beyond Forty Six unless Doctor Bala's theory of Water World comes true then we won't have much time.

Nadai Nama Nama (Nothing At All) is Four - I don't know how many more of 'Nothingness' the cyberworld can tolerate but well, I have enjoyed every moment of these 'Nothingness' so here I am here to stay a while.

Thanks to all Nadai Nama Nama visitors and friends who have joined the fun, the ups and downs of Nadai Nama Nama. My family's support has always been the source of my strength and I owe them a lot. I seek no attention with this Blog as its 'Nothing' to talk about, except it represents the author's wandering mind when he stumble's into 'Nothing' really special in his eyes - be it a work or play. My apologies if it does not meet anyone's expectation to champion some 'unified action for certain cause'. During the recent Batang Ai By-Election this blog has been the focus by angry minds who choose to remain anonymous. There are many other 'angry' blogs you can visit to satisfy your anger because in here you will find 'Nothing'. Its funny and pointless to be upset over 'Nothing'.

Most importantly Nadai Nama Nama is no CNN, its only NNN. I seek no Fame with NNN - so please, in the spirit of the phrase, "Focus on the Story, Not the Storyteller", I totally agree with it as the storyteller is not important. Those brave international journalists covering news in the troubled regions around the world risk their lives to deliver their stories. In the case of Nadai Nama Nama's, to avoid disappointments, I should say Focus on the Blog story, and Not the Blogger. Never, Never the Blogger. Happy Birthday NNN.


Monyet King said…
desmond, 4 years is a long time to sustain a blog. I have only been blogging for 6 months .. and sometimes it is a struggle to keep writing. I have enjoyed reading your blog... and keep it up. Still trying to find time to visit Sri Aman and redeem my bottle of red wine.
headsteadi said…
congrats. keep up the good posts! bila mau celebrate anniversary ini?
Monyet King said…
desmond, in your blogroll, can you please change the name back to "Planet of the Monyets". I think it sounds more exciting and more intelligent.
Tia said…
congratulations!!!! double celebration this month huh... :)
the blog itself will make u want to know more about the blogger, he he he ..so, cant escape from that!

keep it up man!!
Coffee Girl said…
I think the world is a nice 'Nothing' Ground boss. 4 years

- from another 'Nothing News Network'. hehe
Pn Hamidah said…
You’ve got all that it takes to produce a good writing so happy 4th Anniversary NNN and may you continuously progress to challenge the minds of many on stories of nothingness and I believe the writings sometime reflect the blogger’s sets of working minds which ultimately serves and benefits the simple minds hehehe…God Bless NNN. :)
cyrildason said…
4 years of 'Nothing' must mean something and a lot more than you can imagine. Congrats!!
Thanks everyone :) as i always tell my fellow blogger frens, carry on blogging....

Doc - changed back the title to original Pot Monyet :)

Headsteadi - we wait for our Victorious Liverpool

Big Momma - true so let them be curious :)

Coffee Gurl - my twin News Network in English

Hammy - 'Working Mind' that's a good way of putting it

Cyril - i am learning from you and i hope your partnership domain with Emmy grows :)
John Goh said…
Happy 4th Anniversary to "Nadai Nadai Nama"......
Kacak baju?

Wordpress? I have tried it before. Wordpress is okay.