Mooncake Festival

Mooncake Festival Takes Off in Sri Aman

The Mooncake Festival in Sri Aman took off with a catchy beat when the Sarawak United People's Party Youth (Sri Aman Branch) organised a dinner in conjuction with the Mooncake Festival. The venue (Sri Aman Mini Stadium) was lit elegantly with red coloured lantern around the Sri Aman Mini Stadium. I was busy going around Sri Aman town taking night photo scenes when I stumbled upon the event after hearing loud music and karaoke tunes. Usually I would be just taking nice pictures (trying to match Willie's photography skill) of these social activities from a distance, hidden from the crowd, but a few community leaders who knew me brought me in to join the celebration.

Red Lantern deco around the Sri Aman mini stadium

YB Datuk Francis Harden managed to bring a Chinese number during the karaoke session

Patrick - my Rajang Park, Sibu childhood friend performing a karaoke song for the audience

Poco-Pocoing to YB Datuk Francis Harden's 'Linda' Iban song

Twisting to Patrick's "The Young Ones" song

Joining the poco-poco rotine which happens to be famous with the ladies

YB Datuk Francis, myself and together with almost all the Tuai Rumah in N.27 Simanggang and SUPP Youth (Sri Aman) members.

The event itself was quite unique also as Sri Amanians from various races mingled during dinner. When the songs were sung one will be surprised - our Iban YB singing a Chinese number and a few Chinese members singing Iban numbers. English,Malay and Indonesian tunes were also heard as a few other members showed off their talents. Something only unique in a 1Malaysia environment I believe. Did this start after 1Malaysia was conceptualised? Only Sri Amanians can answer this as I have just been here for just over a year. Hopefully this interaction and friendly atmosphere which has been in existence for a long time can be maintained by the Sri Aman folks.


nguong ping said…
Mdm Ling enjoy the dance! So did our chancellor Mr Jimmy! Hah!

Famous Chinese Song by YB : The Moon Represented My heart
headsteadi said…
they still used Simanggang instead of Sri Aman?