Antony 'Yep' Colas

Tidal Bore Surfer

France is famed for people with extraordinary hobbies. In Malaysia we have heard of the recent success by the French 'Spiderman' who scaled the PETRONAS Twin Towers. Now another French adventurer is attempting to surf the Sri Aman Tidal Bore on 19th October 2009. Maybe we can nickname him the "Silver Surfer". For Nadai Nama Nama - if it has the potential to bring out the best of Sri Aman, especially the Tidal Bore phenomenon, it has my 100% support. I managed to catch up with Mr. Antony in Kuching before his journey to Sri Aman and hear of his adventures with the other natural waves around the world.

Antony 'Yep' Colas trying out the Sarawakian dishes with my family before heading for Sri Aman

Curious, i did ask Antony why the name 'Yep' was used in his middle name and he explained that the surfers would usually yell 'Yep' just before they are about to catch the wave for surfing.So let's "Yep Yep" to Sri Aman. Hopefully the weather is fine when Antony decides to jump into Batang Lupar River and ride the Ben wave. We did talk about crocodiles but he told me about the piranhas, crocodiles, alligators and ocean sharks in the Brazilian Amazon River which he has surfed. Okay....but I still won't go in the water with him. Yep? Yep! Yep!


Joe Nyuin said…
All the best to him.
Wah I wish you could snap his picture in action.