October Checks In

Let October Begin

My favourite month of the year begins. Looking at the tasks and appointments I have, it will be quite tight. Travelling is in the timetable and I hope to make the best of it. With God's Will and Mercy I can make it to my 41st Birthday in three weeks time. Its another month of everything as the momentum picks up after the Hari Raya Holidays. Which is why I am naming it Sober October - so that I can remind myself to stay sober everytime I see the blog. So for the faint hearted - you have been forewarned. There will be a lot of uneccessary ramblings and pictures of booze and food posted, so hopefully the parents and kids (and friends) can excuse me. Comments will be moderated of course - but mostly not published if its too serious :)

Life's also about food and more food (diet later) - all types and sizes

Drinks (King Robert's 43% alcohol is a real killer drink if you ask me so take it sparingly) and appetizers to accompany the celebration

So a toast to October - its the month to unwind amidst the tight work schedule. I have to borrow San Miguel Beer's slogan that its about "the celebration of life", what happens between the beginning and the end. Only God is perfect and I am not a goody goody guy and neither am I an evil chap. But its your life and the time loan you have is borrowed from the Almighty is not Eternity, so do not let people dictate it for you - they do not own me except my wife of course (hehehe) for that is what marriage vows are for. Also my parents included for I still believe that our parents know best (after being a parent myself of course) . And for our children - you need to be guiding them as far as you can go.

Its time to wait till October Ends! Have a roaring month then!


Monyet King said…
43% alcohol ? sounds dangerous.
I know y october is good. Because it is your birthday. Hahaha