'R' Not For Riots

Police Siren At Waterfront

The calm in Kuching was shaken when the Police siren sounded at around 9 a.m this Sunday morning. A crowd of almost twenty thousand was seen making thier way towards the City Centre. Everyone seemed to be heading for the Kuching Waterfront. They shouted and cheered while the vigilant Police and RELA kept their eyes and ears alert to ensure calm and peace. Yes, Sarawakians from various communities and all levels of age and ethnic groups came out today for the 'R'. Not for Riots. The siren came from the Police Marine who cleared the river as paddlers raced in their boats towards the finishing line. The 'R' is for Regatta which has just started. The famous Sarawak Regatta originated during the second Rajah's reign as early as 1872 with the purpose of avoiding civil war, bloody confrontation and nurture healthy integration and sportsmanship. It became the Race for Peace, where the event channeled the confrontational energy of rivalry and differences into a celebration for peace. (Source: Sarawak Regatta Website)

Sarawak Reggata 2009 under way - 20 paddlers race where Sri Aman team (Boat Number 46) goes neck in neck with the other boats

Sri Aman Team (Baya Ganas) No. 32 leads the way during the 15 paddler category during Sarawak Regatta 2009.

Race for Unity - that's the word!

We don't Riot for Peace or Change. We Race the Regatta for Unity. 'R' is a good word if it is channeled Rightly. Sometimes it is thought that we in Sarawak are the ones who should learn from our very learned, modern and sophiscated cousins across South China Sea. Should it not be the other way around? Certainly from Nadai Nama Nama's point of view, it spurs me on to fight against rowdy and uncivilised approach is solving problems.


Darren said…
"Abdul Hadi, when speaking to the trainees here, said he was pleased to note that the camps in Sarawak were very well mixed racially and that trainees had no problems mingling with those from other states and religions." - NS director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil

cyrildason said…
Hail Sarawak !!!

Nimi Momo said…
aha.. i miss this. it was such a high power energy activities, and lots of excitement. here, u can't even do this kind of activities on the river, and people doesnt necessarily get excited.