Blue Sky

We don't have cloud seedings but maybe Cloud Cannon Balls may work

Smiles can be seen at many of the Sri Amanians faces yesterday when it rained non stop since early morning. Cloud seeding or the remnants of the Typhoon Morokat, I believe no one would have cared or complained. The important thing is that it rained.

11th August 2009 ~ Air Pollution Index in Sri Aman was above 100 and visibility on the road 1 km (before rain fell)

12th August ~ clear blue skies over the Batang Lupar Riverine Park, Sri Aman

Taking this picture at the Riverine park is a joy after the haze API is reduced to below 100. It was a bit blurry the last time I attempted this shot.

Phase 1A Batang Lupar Riverine Park Sri Aman

Phase 1A of the Batang Lupar Riverine Park stood nicely on a clear day like today. Perhaps it needed some moment of hazy days to make people appreciate the clean air and clear skies better. The situation is not expected to improve soon - perhaps this is just a screen saver, but its a welcome sight for today.


Pn Hamidah said…
Glad that the weather condition has improved in Sri Aman.No more orange skies with just isolated or scattered showers. The Riverine Park landscaping looks nice too adding on the beautiful panoramic view of the Batang Lupar.Much better than the shots that I captured during my last visit on one hot afternoon haha..You’re right in saying that hazy days make us more appreciative of our clean environment. God sure has a way of testing us be it during El Nino or La Nina..Cheers!!
cyrildason said…
Glad that the skies finally turned blue... even here in Kuching.