Concern Over ISA

TV Reports of ISA Protests

The protest related to Pro and Anti ISA that I saw on the television was quite worrying for me as a Sarawakian. There in the streets of Kuala Lumpur I see thousands of demonstrators who are smartly dressed (molek-molek as YB Hadi puts it) playing rugby matches with the Federal Reserve Unit. The rugby ball was of course the unseen Internal Security Act ball. Luckily the South China Sea seperates me from this exciting event, otherwise I would have grabbed my camera to take pictures. But hell, I believe my being dressed only in underwear (cawat) I may not be allowed to pass through security. Thus I figure I should focus more on the protest in Australia (which is known to be a very modern country). They are a notch higher if we have a 'Molek KPI @ Key Performance Indicator'. The protest relates to the plight of the pensioners who stripped to their underwear for better impact.

I feel their pain. So molek with their cawat. The moral of the story on our recent ISA Protests - molek in appearance does not necessary mean molek in the mind, behaviour and attitude.


headsteadi said…
satu cetusan minda yang pedas dan menyengat dari Tuan DJ. Mungkin sebab pemakaian cawat maka di punggung tanpa memakai baju, membolehkan pengaliran oksigen naik ke minda dengan pantas dan mampu menyumbang pemikiran bernas. kalau pakai cawat di kepala mcm hadi awang, akan jadi sesak nafas dan kepala buntu.
cyrildason said…
Saya sebenarnya tidak moden kerana masih guna cawat dan tidak pandai buat protes jalanan.

Buat apa la jadi org yang guna baju moden, tapi pemikiran macam zaman jahiliah?

patut juga ramai org dari seberang di kuching minggu ni.