1 Civil Service?

Come Merdeka Day

There has been a lot of Hoo Hahs recently about the proposal to have a One Civil Service Administration to reflect the 1Malaysia Concept. Many SMSes have been flooding my phone asking me how Nadai Nama Nama feels about it since I am in the State Civil Service. Thus it would be very hard to be neutral here. So I guess I won't say much except for just putting up the newspaper clips of the story for the readers' attention. Pictures paint a thousand words they say.

In the newspaper clipping of Borneo Post Online 19th August our new Sarawak State Secretary YB Datuk Mohd Morshidi speaks about teamwork within the State Civil Service.

A picture I got from the Rakan Sarawak website shows the campaign being launched at Wisma Bapa Malaysia and we see our two strong ladies from the State Civil Service - one used to be a Director in a Federal Office (now she is working for the State Civil Service) and the other is a West Malaysian (from Penang) who is the Director of a Unit in the Chief Minister's Office. In Wisma Bapa Malaysia we accomodate the State Development Office of the Prime Miinister Department and the Majlis Keselamatan Negeri of the Prime Minister's Office. So the term Teamwork is pretty much applied here.

Now we go to the clipping from the Borneo Post of 25 August 2009 and the Federal State Secretary's idea of having a One Administration during the jalur Gemilang Campaign kickoff at Bangunan Sultan Izkandar. Someone please count how many Sarawakian Directors or Senior Officers you can see here because I have to be honest (and I have to say this without prejudice) I have not dealt with many of the Federal Departmental Heads there myself. I have only met the Federal State Secretary in Sri Aman during the State Level King's Birthday Celebration this year. If I do not know any of the federal agencies' top bosses from Headquarters - it does show that they have not been doing enough 'Turun Padang' sessions to drop by Sri Aman - what more the other rural places in Sarawak. Even if they do drop by, its just to visit and look see look see the Benak. So if I am to evaluate what our State Secretary says - Teamwork, it carries a lot of weight in the picture..... but when the Federal State Secretary talks of 1Civil Service Administration....its like rubbing Alladin's Lamp. It would be enough for the State - Federal Government to work together as a Team with the spirit of 1Malaysia in mind. Maybe that was what he had in mind? But my wishes for a Peaceful and Prosperous Malaysia benefitting all Malaysians is genuine.That much Nadai Nama Nama can say.


cyrildason said…
I still believe that state and federal should be separated.. There are things we should handle ourselves...