Happy Gawai 2009

Selamat Ari Gawai Dayak 2009

Nadai Nama Nama wishes its readers and celebrants a Happy Gawai Dayak 2009. I will be on Gawai leave. Due to the lack of connectivity in the Song Kapit area I may not be able to update the Gawai happenings here but I sure will have some stories to share when I return. Its ironic that a Cyberspace's Warrior destination and also my longhouse area is without connectivity. I have not done enough I think....but the struggle goes on for the community in my area... *sigh*


Pala Tangga said…
Selamat Ngintu Hari Gawai ngagai kita sebilik.

Ngajih ke kita Gayu guru, gerai nyamai, lantang senang nguan menua.
Tia said…
happy gawai!!
have a save journey my fren!
headsteadi said…
Happy Gawai to you and your family bro!
cyrildason said…
Happy belated Gawai bro.. late coz was out of bound..hehe