Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan

Happy Harvest Festival

It is with great pleasure that I wish my Sabahan Kadazandusun friends Happy Harvest Festival (Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan), which I believe will be celebrated very soon. There will be an air of festivity and celebration in the various corners of Sabah not only amongst the Kadazandusun but also everyone in Sabah as they come and visit relatives and friends.

I, too wish to thank my great friend Doc Bala, from ERE Consulting Group for having me in their mind during this Harvest Festival and I suppose Mr. Paul of NREB Sarawak who himself is a Bidayuh will be happy too when recieving this card.

A wonderful card with the wording "Another %$#(*&^@# greeting card from ERE Consulting Group" and the wording "Respect the spirit, Respect the Land"

The message in the card tells the story of the Creator by the name of Kinoingan who gives us this precious rice grain so that we would never be hungry. He had to sacrifice his daughter Huminodun and from this ultimate act of love, rice (paddy) grew from her body parts. Today we repay the deed by honouring Bambaazon, the spirit of Huminodun. The ceremony is our Tadau Ka'amatan.

You have done it again ERE Consulting with your touching cards. So I do think that I would be recieving my Gawai Dayak card soon? The costumes are different and I welcome it if you wish to use the above images of our Dayak maidens. Though our celebrations do mean the same thing and that is 'Harvest Festival' but we do have another name for our celebration as the Terms of Reference (Gawai Dayak Creator's will not be Kinoingan) is different. So i will be checking my mail box and I believe Mr. Paul will be waiting too.

Happy Harvest Festival everyone and to you too Doc, happy Holidays :)


Monyet King said…
Hi Desmond,
Thanks for posting my card on your blog. .... I will try to come up with a Gawai card next year.

Happy Gawai, anyway. Hope one of these days I can be in Sarawak during Gawai.

Also, since you cannot join me this year on the Kinabalu climb, I will make sure that you do it next year. I am climbing next week.

nicksuneo said…
I just went back from Kota Kinabalu few weeks ago. And shopping malls everywhere were playing Keamatan songs. Even in church, the father wore the 'topi pahlawan' for the special keamatan sunday mass. How I wish to have Kota Kinabalu as my second home.

Happy Gawai to you and your family, also to all Nadai Nama Nama readers.
Kaamatan is like Gawai right?
Hi Doc... :) heheh... Enjoy Tadau Kamatan this year :)

Nick...they celebrate big scale there huh now got big shopping Complex ahain

Willie...its Harvest Festival like that :)