BGT: Jamie Pugh

Bravo Jamie!

I am less of an American Idol fan or any local reality show but Britain's Got Talent (BGT) is my weekly digestion since discovering about it this year. The latest one by featuring Jamie got me moved - always the case on some hidden talent uncovered in an ordinary person who does not know they have it or are to shy to show it. This year looks promising for the famed Susan Boyle and the simple music teacher, Julian Smith. As with ordinary phone salesman Paul Pots (BGT Winner 2007) and the 'Never Quit' attitude of George Sampson (BGT Winner 2008), this show is about courage and overcoming that fear barrier to discover your true strength. Jamie, the Warehouse worker and the Pizza Guy, performed well. Jamie you have my vote here!

Overcoming stage fright: Its about conficence....


cyrildason said…
you got my vote too!!
Hopefully the winner will make a good singer. Many of them did not really make it to fame actually after American idol show.
headsteadi said…
I've been a follower since Season 1. This year has revealed more talents.