Welcoming Felicia

New Timbalan Residen(Social)

Felicia Tan with the Resident of Sri Aman Division

The Resident Office of Sri Aman is welcoming a new Deputy Resident (Timbalan Residen) who will be focusing a lot on the Social Agenda implementation for Sarawak, especially for Sri Aman Division. I will be focusing on the Development aspect and I am glad that the extra job will be divided equally with my new team member. Welcome to Sri Aman Felicia.

Slowing Down the Pace

Nadai Nama Nama is slowing down its postings pace in the current month as it will be the start of a hectic work schedule for me and my team in the Development Section. In the list is the upcoming Dewan Undangan Negeri Meeting where we have to standby and update our Development database, prepare for the State Level DYMM Agung Birthday to be hosted by Sri Aman Division and also the Majlis Raja-Raja which will be hosted by the State of Sarawak. So I won't be attending the Dewan unless I need to sit in for my Resident. The most important of all is - clearing the backlogs including travelling around the Distrcits and Sub Districts here so that I can go for my Gawai leave :) In addition to that there may be some issues on blogs coming up in the Dewan Undangan Negeri so I do not want to say much at the moment.

Down but not out


headsteadi said…
Don't go too long ... will wait for your interesting posts
cyrildason said…
owh my, you sprained your leg?
Pn Hamidah said…
Now it looks like both of you are ready and set to function effectively at your own respective portfolios. Good team partners working excellently towards some positive change and work competency. All the best to you on the anticipated tight schedules of the upcoming weeks.
PPS said…
Good luck & all the best, Mdm Felicia.

Nadai Nama Nama slowing down? No way...the more happenings, the more 'reporting' to be done!!!
Anonymous said…
Everything and everyone looks good except for those ugly fat sofa.
All these fat sofa looks so cheap and tacky. There are so many fine wood in Sarawak can't they made a modern and clean design chair for these VIPs.
Headsteadi: Waiting for the Dewan to finish. Do not want to be quoted in the Dewan for some posts later

Cdason: Still painful eh

Agent Hammy: Lets hope this works out :) A new structure means I can focus on my job more

PPS: Tunggu yourself to come here too to make up the great Team we already have

DesignOx:Those sofas are standard issues :) whattodo...any idea what The White House have?