Welcoming Lim

Lim Hock Meng Goes to LA

Sri Aman Division is getting another strong man to its team of administrators in the person of Mr. Lim Hock Meng. Mr. Lim arrives this morning at the Sri Aman Resident Office enroute to Lubok Antu District - the Office he will serve. Its good to have familiar faces around as Mr. Lim was serving with me at the State Planning Unit since 2001. We have a relationship that goes beyond M-16s, Time Bombs, Snipers, Dawn of War Games - in the form of computer games. Meeting up at Cyber Cafes to thrash Evil or become Evil when we were in Kuching. He is a strict disciplinarian when he was the Administrative officer in the State Planning Unit and I used to be the focus of his affection - not because I always beat him in the War Games I think. Welcome to Sri Aman Divison Lim!

From Left: Mr. Lim Hock Meng, Me and Mr. Paul Joring

From Left: Mr. Rano Alwino Akat, Mr. Jack Aman, Sri Aman Ketua Polis Daerah Encik Mat Jusoh, myself and Mr. Lim Hock Meng

Mr. Rano Alwino Akat and Mr. Aba Ugi (striped shirt) changes the helmet that does not have the SIRIM sign

I did not waste any time in bringing Mr. Lim Hock Meng into action as I brought him to participate in the Sri Aman Road Safety Campaign headed by the Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Negeri (JKJRN) Sarawak. It was fortunate that I got to meet a blog reader of mine who happened to be Mr. Rano Aylwini Akat - the Director for the JKRJN. He is active in promoting road safety so in support for his campaign I pledge to be a good road user when I travel to and fro Kuching Sri Aman and when I go back for Gawai Dayak soon.


The rider smiled because there was a JPJ officer behind. I think, if that officer was not there, mr lim will be hit with the helmet. Uwahahaha..

Anyway...good campaign.
headsteadi said…
so you manage to catch up Lim in your trusty mean machine ehh?
Anonymous said…
Hey, you are looking damn VIP in these photos. Keep it up ! Cheers
JJ said…
Des,bai Mr Lim ngirop Ai Ijok ngagai Rh Nanga San.Selamat Gawai 09,nyankong makai ketam ba Sibu
Uchu Keling said…
Lim will carry with him the heavy load in delivering the Batang Ai promises ;)

Can I pass him www.batangai.com to be an asset to the people there?
Willie: we get FRU to standby :)

Headsteadi: No high Tech Cyber Cafe here to battle..isk isk

DesignOx: All are VIPs... we are only serving officers...

JJ: ila mai ia ke Rumah WM

UK: Lets get YB En. Mussen to chat with him first
akat said…
Thanks for the introduction. For us in Road Safety Dept, the aim to reduce/avoid number of deaths and severe injury especially in the State of Sarawak is always a long term 'crusade' or a 'jihad'. I hope we can do more joint activities together towards promoting road safety at Sri Aman Division...Rano JKJR